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Fall September Bedroom Decoration with Wall Art

Updated on January 9, 2015


September stands out from the other months. Autumn, school and cold officially start in September. It marks the end of fun and leisure and the beginning of hard work and routine. When calendars shift to fall, we enter the second half of the year -- when all the bloom and flourishing cease, giving way to rain, cool winds and leaf fall. Nature slows down, often dragging us along, overwhelming everybody with the odors, the colors, and the sheer magnitude and totality of the transition.

Home Décor and Interior Design

Practicing home decoration and interior design are known ways to cope with these changes. It's simple: counter the change outdoors with a change indoors. At first, we may not be aware of nature's effects upon our bodies and minds, because they accumulate gradually and imperceptibly. But if not tended in time, and correctly, our psyches will respond, making us blue, or even depressed. Home décor and improvement are just a psychological trick to ease off -- and allow nature to dictate its way. As usual, my décor ideas deal with wall art -- but this time I decided to put aside the usual "back to school" and "back to work" stuff, and focus on classic landscapes.

Decorate with Ruysdael

Ruysdael was a great Dutch landscape painter who depicted nature in its most melancholic moments. He focused mainly on sea-coasts, trees and clouds. Sometimes he would introduce a remote house, a castle maybe, but most of his paintings show just woods and skies in multiple variations. Not all of his landscapes are about autumn, but sometimes it feels like it. Even his greenest paintings project a touch of sadness that's difficult to ignore. This kind of wall art decoration may serve as a great "companion" when feeling blue -- it's easy to "get lost" in all the leaves and trunks, and to shake off the blues.

Decorate with Hobbema

Hobbema was Ruysdael's colleague, contemporary and countryman. His art, however, was different in mood. If Ruysdael's trees appear to slumber, Hobbema's seem to have just been jolted out of sleep. If one's woods are content to stay at one place and grow in peace, the other's want to expand, and even move. Hobbema is not as ordered and quiet -- he represents another point of view, and shows us a more violent world. The reason I suggest these two artists for fall decoration is that Dutch nature has something innate that reminds me of autumn -- and their artwork keeps that quality alive.


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