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Fall into Season’s Fall: Effortless Home Décor for Fall

Updated on September 7, 2013

The shift from fall to summer is the perfect excuse to udpate your home’s décor season with this season’s fresh hues and accessories. Sometimes, a few simple touches here and there are all it takes to update your home’s design. Here are a few simple decorating tips to effortlessly have your home ready to welcome fall.

Mix it Up with Throw Pillows

As weather continues getting colder, you’ll want to start spending more time cozying up indoors. By adding plush throw pillows, you’ll fall into comfort every time you take a seat. They offer visual interest and express your amazing personality. This favorite accessory is warm and inviting—just like fall.

Layer it Up with Rugs

Layering area rugs is a simple way to infuse color and texture into your room. It offers an extra warmth and softness to your feet that feels nice. You’ll be able to avoid the hardwood floors and cold tiles. You can layer rugs in many different ways. Just make sure the bottom rug peeks out from under the top. Be creative and make your own rules.

Switch Out Summer Shades w/ Fall Colors

Switch out Roman shades or light curtains for window drapes with insulation. Try placing rich ikat drapes over summer bamboo shades. It adds natural warmth and coziness to your room. The hottest colors for fall are: green apple, watermelon, peach, paradise blue, whisper gray, raspberry, carrot, and gold.

Hang Weave Art

Weave art is back in a whole new refreshing, homey way. It has interesting texture combination schunky thread, and colorblocking to incorporate great pattern play into your living area. Head to your nearest knitting shop or order one at Amazon.

Chill Down at the Patio

You can still enjoy your favorite outdoor spot when seasons change. As summer turns into fall, comfortable evenings outside are best. Decks and patios aren’t usually used when the weather cools down, but the lack of heat and humidity can make it even more enjoyable. Place a throw over every seat, ready before an outdoor meal, just in case it gets too chilly. Now you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors, all year round.

For a trendy fall home decor, be inspired by the many stories of the cool autumn air. The first September morning brings out crisp and golden colors of autumn. Your home becomes the perfect, comfortable retreat. Fall comes. By mid-September it kicks summer out and settles in like a good old friend.


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    • Natsky13 profile image

      Natsky13 4 years ago

      Thank you, Schoolmom24! Me too. Fall is just one of my favorite seasons, and the best time to catch up on reading, too.

    • Schoolmom24 profile image

      Schoolmom24 4 years ago from Oregon

      Nice ideas...I love decorating for fall and do it every year. Voted up!