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Fancy Valances Drapes And Curtains

Updated on August 16, 2011


Our windows, what can I say about these built in holes in our walls. They are not energy efficient, increasing heating and cooling costs, are a privacy and security issue and best off all, we have to make them look pretty. Just amazing. All the joking aside, windows give us a view to the world outside our homes, free source of light during the day and can help vent air and cool us off in the heat of the summer. Using curtains, drapes, and valances can help.

Fancy Valances

When it comes to working with curtain rods, some prefer to use a fancy valance to cover the hardware and not deal with making it go with the rest of the window. A window valance is made of fabrics like curtains are, covering a small part of the top of the window. Most of the time the valance matches the curtains or drapes. Some bold enough will experiment with contrasting colors and designs. Depending on how low the fancy valance hangs, it can impact lighting as well as how the window looks. A good idea is to search around, there are many great styles to choose from.

Fancy Drapes

Drapes are often sometimes confused with curtains, or use the term “drapes” and “curtains” as if they mean the same thing. It is understandable none the less. Though there is similarity between the two, they are in fact two different things to most people. Without getting too into the subject itself, drapes are formal,where as curtains are informal. Drapes tend to touch the floor and are made of heavy material unlike curtains that do not.

Fancy Curtains

Curtains are a common method of window decoration. Curtains are cheap and very affordable on most budgets, even when planning on buying for many windows. While useful for helping keep privacy and controlling the lighting, curtains are used more aesthetically for decoration only. Keep in mind that the fabric used can impact your home in many different ways,such as keep heat in, in turn helping you save money on cooling costs.

The Conclusion

When it comes to designing window decorations for your home or office, apartment or loft, you can get the results just right for you. No matter what kind of windows you have in your home, the use of valances, curtains, and drapes, you can find the style and design that fits you and your home.


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