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Farmhouse Dining Table and Chairs

Updated on January 25, 2018

While growing up, I can still remember the many meals that my family had while sitting around our farmhouse style dining table. Vast and sturdy in nature, this table, and accompanying chairs, seated my entire family of five comfortably. Filled with overwhelming unadulterated excitement and emotion, the opening of presents served as a delicate prelude to an enormous feast, particularly on Christmas Day. Though a tragic electrical fire had engulfed and consumed our backwood's home when I was 12 years old, a new farmhouse table, with new memories had, was placed near our kitchen in the new home my father had built with his own bare hands. This time around, my parent's had invested in a fairly significant upgrade to the table I had known so well when I was much much younger.

Similar in nature to our old farmhouse table, our new table manages to seat almost twice the amount of people as our previous table -- comfortably accommodating even the likes of extended family, up to 10 total. With a very close family, this table has become center stage for many laughs and memories. As you read this hub, please remember my story. Products don't make a family, however, some, like a farmhouse table, can provide a great centralized location for family gathering and enjoyment throughout the years of ownership.

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The most central feature of your dining room is likely your dining set, and it sets the tone for the whole room. A farmhouse dining table and chairs is one of the best ways to cultivate a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. A farmhouse dining set is rustic and simple, yet very sturdy. It's also a phenomenally attractive piece of furniture, and matches almost any decorating style.

This article will talk all about farmhouse tables and chairs and the best ways to use such a set in your home. We'll talk about the features of a farmhouse style-dining table so you can easily identify one while shopping, and we'll touch on the price and care involved with these pieces. Lastly, we will mention some options for those who are looking for a bargain!

Let's get going and learn all about farmhouse style-dining sets!

Features of a Farmhouse Style Dining Table: What To Look For?

If you're actively looking for a farmhouse style dining table, then it's important to know what to be looking for. You can find these rustic dining sets almost everywhere, as most retailers have noticed the trend and supply options. If you look for these distinctive features, you shouldn't have a difficult time tracking one down.


A farmhouse dining table and chairs will always have a very 'practical' appeal to them. This means that if you're wanting a delicate table with elegant scroll work look elsewhere. Farmhouse style dining sets are all about durability, practical usage and simple elegance. A very common feature of these tables is the use of 'planks' in the tabletop. Rather than give the appearance of one unbroken piece of wood, the planks making up the top will be distinct. They may even have small gaps or a rough, uneven texture.

Why do they do this? The appeal in a farmhouse style dining table and chairs is the handmade quality of craftsmanship. Rather than look ultra refined and produced, the rustic charm gives it a personal touch that resonates well with a cozy, country chic sort of look.

The legs and beams are almost always thick and sturdy. You can find some tables with rounded or cabriole legs; this doesn't invalidate them. However, there should be a certain 'thickness' to the build of these items.


A farmhouse table and chairs will have a rougher finish to it. The idea is to give the effect of being handmade or personalized. You can expect a 'distressed' furniture' look to the pieces. The tops of the table and chairs might be a little more rough than a modern piece, with wood knots intact and a lot of texture. The top are often natural wood finished with some sort of lacquer to keep it safe. Mineral oil finishes are often utilized for a more natural look and patina.

Farmhouse style dining sets are often painted, but usually only part of the piece will be covered in paint, often the legs. The natural wood grain is an important part of the look. Tasteful use of paint can help tie in a farmhouse table and chairs to a particular room's color scheme.

Farmhouse Style Dining Set

Where to Find?: Farmhouse Dining Table and Chairs:

If you're looking to find and buy a farmhouse table and chairs, you'll want to start looking at your local retailer. You can also have great success from online dealers too. Generally speaking you'll probably want to avoid retailers who specialize in ultramodern furniture because they likely won't carry what you're looking for.

Since farmhouse dining sets are (or should be) made of real solid wood, you can expect two things from your purchase: first, it will be very heavy. Delivery might be expensive on these items, especially if you order online. Second, it will be somewhat expensive.Solid wood furniture is more labor intensive to build, so you can expect the price to reflect this. However, your farmhouse style dining table will probably last a lifetime, so it's a worthwhile investment. This is an enduring style that won't go away.

Large retailers will offer these pieces, but it's also not a bad idea to look for a custom-made option. Local woodworkers will relish the opportunity to build a good, sturdy farmhouse dining table and chairs for you, so do some checking into your options.

Money Saving Options: Farmhouse Dining Table and Chairs

If you're looking to find a farmhouse dining set on the cheap, the best option is to look for a used set either locally or online. This style is enduring and you can find examples of it from the last 50 years quite easily. You might be in for a bit of work getting your item back into shape, but the cost savings will make this worthwhile.

Another option for the brave aspiring woodworker is to attempt to build your own! Since the construction is solid and supposed to be hand-made and rough, you can get some planks and try to put something together on your own. I have witnessed this done before and the result was very impressive, so don't be too intimidated by it. Besides, a farmhouse style dining table doesn't have to be perfect!

Good Luck!

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    • ce1453 profile image


      5 years ago

      I love farmhouse tables. They are big enough to seat everybody and look very nice. Thank you for including a number of links to other tables :)

    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 

      5 years ago from Superior, Arizona

      Enjoyed reading about the farmhouse table. It is true that having something like that in your dining area can make it a focus of activity because of its warmth. Believe it or not, a lot of older style solid wood furniture can be found thrown out! I think that some folks view it as undesirable if it breaks, but often the repair is very simple. I have repaired numerous old pieces that have been ready for the garbage - dining table and chairs, small dressers, nightstands, and end tables.

      There is a market for such items at flea markets - and often you can find a deal on something there that when repaired can be a true treasure. Voted up.


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