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Fast and easy Privacy fence

Updated on March 20, 2012

Project Materials:

2 outdoor treated 4x4's for the sides.

Picket fence slat wood. (Best inexpensive wood around)

Drywall screws

Electric Drill

Decorations optional.

How do you go about hiding those unsightly places in your yard or property? One of my absolute favorite ways is with a homemade privacy screen. Streamline wood screens are a wonderful way to hide a multitude of sins for a great cost effective way.

Sometimes privacy screens are needed out of necessity. This particular screen was placed just outside the houses entry door. The homeowner wanted something to hide the less than pretty backyard. As one stood outside of the doorway, your eyes where naturally drawn to the eyesore that was the back property. After only two hours, and a final cost of under $50.00, visitors now had something much more eye pleasing to look at outside, while waiting to be invited inside.

The homeowner had removed an old wooden door just days prior to this project. I decided to take advantage of its great looks to re-use it and incorporate it into the privacy design. I then finished off the whole look with a few inexpensive butterflies and dragonflies from the local dollar store garden isle

1. Place your 4x4's as far apart as needed and attach or sink them where desired.

2. Measure and cut picket fence slats to cover from one 4x4 to the other.

3. Pre-drill all holes to avoid wood splitting

4. Start placing boards up 1 inch apart. Fill in slats on the back side. (Optional)

6. Decorate as desired.

Don't forget that the top of the picket slats make great boarders!! Happy spring decorating!!


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