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Faux Paint Your Concrete Floor

Updated on July 23, 2009

Porch Floor Before and After Faux Painting

After painting with latex and coating with polyurethane
After painting with latex and coating with polyurethane

How We Faux Painted a Concrete Floor

Believe it or not, you absolutely can faux paint your old stained concrete floor or patio and improve the appearance immensely without spending a fortune on new concrete. Faux painted flooring can last several years with minimal care and even after it has worn you can simply apply another coat. And at a fraction of the cost of carpeting or new flooring.

Some home owners are even opting for painted flooring inside their home. There are stencils you can purchase to make your floor truly unique. Or, like is shown in the photos, simply paint your own design.

The ratty old concrete you see here was inside our screened-in porch and was truly an eyesore.  We had painted it in the past with porch and deck paint, but it had worn and scratched off and was UGLY!!  We decided it couldn't look any worse if we painted it, so we began our improvement project.

We chose a design that we hand-painted to imitate flagstone. To accomplish this, we used 2 shades of grey and a 3rd color of beige indoor latex paint for the prime coat. We got the blended effect of rocks by painting the colors with a brush for each color, then swirling the wet paint together. Sea sponges could also be used to blend the colors and would create a great dappled appearance.

After this was dry, we painted the imitation mortar lines with white latex paint. We finished the floor with 2 coats of polyurethane for protection and beauty.

Total cost for our "new" flooring was under $100 and about 2 days work on our hands and knees.

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      leslie 6 years ago

      love the look. Can you get more specific?