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Features and Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Updated on March 22, 2012

When you come tired after work and want to sleep on your bed, your bed sheet has to be comfortable for proper rest. At such, you cannot compromise with the quality of sheets. This is where the Egyptian cotton seats score over the other alternatives available in the market. Egyptian cotton sheets are certainly worth buying for the comfort and softness they offer. This post provides detailed information about the benefits and features of Egyptian cotton sheets.

Comfort while Sleeping

The most important benefit of Egyptian cotton sheets is that they are comfortable and soft which helps you in getting proper sleep. This is because of the fact that the cotton fibers used in these sheets are lengthier in comparison to the simple cotton sheets. Majority of the other fabric sheets available in the market are quite rough to the body which disturbs while sleeping. There is nothing more important than your health which is no doubt affected by the quality of sleep you get. These longer fibers also result in a tough material which remains intact for years. Again, these fibers can be easily dyed unlike the other fabrics present in the market.

Durability of the Egyptian cotton sheets

The Egyptian cotton sheets are also popular for their durability and longevity. Since they are made up of lengthier cotton fibers, it results in a tough final material. As a result, these cotton sheets last longer. If you take proper care of the sheets, you can expect them to remain with you for years. Again the maintenance required for these types of sheets is also minimal in comparison to that of other fabrics present in the market.

High Thread Count

Another distinguishing feature of Egyptian cotton sheets is higher thread count in comparison to simple cotton sheets. This provides a more elegant and attractive look to these sheets. You can purchase up to 1000 thread count sheets but on an average these sheets are available in 500 thread count or higher. The only reason for the possibility of higher thread count is that these sheets are made up of 100% pure cotton. Since this feature lacks in any other fabric, you will not notice such high thread counts there.

Let us now discuss about the increasing acceptance and popularity of this particular type of sheets. No doubt these sheets are mostly consumed in homes. But even the hotels make use o these sheets as these are comfortable and thus make the stay of hotel guests more pleasant. Again, most of the people are repeat buyers and they also recommend these sheets to their friends and family. This is simply because the quality offered by Egyptian cotton sheets cannot be matched with any other fabric. In brief, when you buy these sheets you get comfort, durability and elegant look. Since the demand of these sheets has increase over the recent years, you might have to spend more in comparison to other fabrics. However, since these sheets are more durable, you will benefit in the long run.


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