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Fencing Your Pool

Updated on May 1, 2011

Fencing Your Pool

These days, swimming pools are becoming more and more affordable to build. Pools come in all shapes and sizes as well as different depths. Most come in the rectangle shape with the length of half the Olympic size pool. Others come in odd shapes with different depths catering to different types of swimmers. However, maintaining a pool is not easy. There are many elements when it comes to maintaining a pool. This includes cleaning it, and processing the water so that it is fit for swimming. Maintenance must be done on a regular basis even if the pool is rarely used.

If you have children and a pool at home, you know that they do not mix. Children, being who they are, will naturally be inquisitive. Where possible, they should not be left alone near the pool where they can accidentally fall in. Young children are especially more vulnerable as they are not aware of the danger and will inadvertently fall in to the pool when they loiter too near to the edge. Some children may be so curious about the depths of the pool and may decide to jump in on their own. Apart from children, there are other things that should be kept away from the pool such as pets and other animals. Even though they are not as inquisitive as children and, thus, will not so easily jump in to the pool on purpose, there may be situations where a pet may fall into the pool accidentally. This can happen, for instance, when a pet is chasing another animal. The pet may not see where it is headed and accidentally fall into the pool.

In this aspect, the pool acts as a disaster waiting to happen as we are always not sure when children or animals will fall into the pool. For a peace of mind, pool owners should find ways to prevent children and animals from accidentally falling into the pool. One of the ways is to install fencing around the perimeter of the pool.

Pool fencing is a thriving industry. With heavy emphasis on safety, pool fencing is becoming a more and more crucial item that is recommended for pool owners. The pool fence serves as a deterrent and prevents children and animals from falling into the pool.  The design of pool fences is to allow a single door used for entrance and exit purposes. The other parts of the fence are erected to a certain height to prevent children and pets from climbing over. Most of the time, the door is equipped with latches that are also designed to be difficult for children to unhinge. These safety features help make the pool environment a safer place as well as giving pool owners a peace of mind.

There are many ways a pool can be fenced. This includes using mesh wire, steel, aluminium and glass fences. The different materials, together with the shape and height of the fence, will affect the outlook of the pool surroundings. Pool fencing can be done by fencing as close as possible to the pool. Alternatively, it can be fenced some ways off to cordon off a larger area. This will leave some space for other items such as a barbeque pit, deck chairs and tables.

With a mesh wire installation, the fence will consist of meshed wire within each panel. This is a soft and malleable fence. Most of the time, wire mesh is attached to pillars located at separate intervals along the perimeter of the pool.

Using Glass Panels for Your Pool Fence

One of the ways to fence your pool is by using glass. Glass pool fencing adds an amount of sophistication to your pool surroundings. This type of fencing uses see-through glass panels as the fence. These panels are held up either by spigots or posts that are placed regularly throughout the length of the fence.

Glass panels look good comparatively. The panels are clear and lend an air of modern architecture to the surroundings and are pleasing to the eyes. This will be perfect when you invite guests to your pool party.

Compared to the other materials, glass lets you still see through to the pool. In this way, the view of your pool is not marred. This allows you to maintain the scenery of the pool the way you meant it to be. After all, the whole point of having the pool fencing is still the pool and not so much the fence. The fence should not be in the way of the pool.

Glass panels are weather-proof. They are impervious to shine and rain. The only effect weather has on the glass pool fence is that heat will expand the panels. However, this has been factored in and, thus, is not a cause for concern. As such, there should not be worry that the quality of these glass panels will deteriorate over time.

The maintenance is easier too with a pool fencing that is made from glass panels. Dirt and grime can be easily wiped off, if required. Normal household detergent used to clean windows and mirrors can be reused here. No painting is required for glass pool fencing since there is no coating of paint. This makes maintenance of glass pool fencing very much an install-and-forget about it fence.

The objective of having pool fencing is to prevent someone such as children from entering into the pool area. This is well achieved by having glass panels as pool fencing. This is because children will find it hard to climb over the smooth surfaces of the glass panels.

There are several options available for glass pool fencing. This includes differentiating by the thickness of the panels as well as the size of the panels. The heights of the panels are mostly similar and standardized. On top of that, there is also the option of choosing whether to go with a semi-frameless or a total frameless approach.


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