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Feng Shui and Your Home Decoration

Updated on March 14, 2011

You should display in your home the symbol of every one of the five elements used in Feng Shui, and according to this Chinese philosophy they are fire, earth, water, metal and wood.

Using the age old Feng Shui Chinese philosophy, you can stimulate a better atmosphere by the use of certain Feng Shui ways throughout your home.

A well kept and organized home with these elements will surely be free flowing with positive energy throughout!

Make sure your home is always well maintained specially the paint job in and out your home.  Make sure you have no burnt out lamps and make sure all windows are fully clean. Replace any broken or cracked windows and be sure they open and close freely without having to force them open or shut.

Throw everything away that is not used and that you don´t need any more or give it away to somebody that could give it a new life or donate those objects, get rid of old newspapers and magazines.

 Avoid the habit of accumulating stuff that you don’t need any more.

This way you could fight the energy stagnation built up by unused items and open space to attract new things in life that will bring in new energy.

One of the most important and fundamental aspects to allow the circulation of positive energies throughout your home is a good organization of your furniture and decoration, neatness and cleanliness. Doesn´t matter how big or small your home, if you give attention to these aspects and a bit of love your home will return in feeding you back positive energies.

Scatter around your home and keeping in mind the five elements, objects that make you happy. Give extra attention to the space where you spend most of your time for a better care of your physical, mental and emotional condition.

Take a step or two away from your front door. Look in from the outside and see if there is anything blocking your view to the inside of your home. Take action, remove that piece of decoration altogether or put a smaller one instead.

If you got big trees in front of your home, make sure they are neatly trimmed so that most of your home can be seen outside on various angles. Put a bird bath and some Tibetan bells, it will bring in the harmony!

The layout of your home furniture should be such that it lets you freely to move around, as positive energy would be free flowing. If you notice that it is a bit cluttered and you have to do a bit of wiggling to get around, start thinking to remove a piece or two for easier circulation!

Chairs, loveseats and sofas should be placed with its back against a wall and in a way that you can see one walking in the room!

If you live alone than do not sit always on that same chair. Move around and sit on different ones alternately.

Your bed should be accessible on both sides and avoid storing anything underneath. That will break up the energy flow!

Turn your living room into a nice place to be in with comfortable chairs and seats. Make sure that there is lots of sunshine. When receiving guests, have them seated where there is more sunshine, it will make your guest feel welcome!

Poorly lighted areas in your home should be avoided! Brighten those areas up by preferably opening the windows or get some lighting that matches the surrounding deco.

By simply following these simple Feng Shui tips you will in no time feel the positive energies flowing around you!


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