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Feng shui tips for windows

Updated on April 3, 2012

The windows of your home not only let light into your space, but they are also one of the important energy boosters in your life. Windows, at the right positions bring positive energy into your life. By looking for ways to enhance their ability to draw in energy, you can begin to change the look and feel of your home. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and in Feng Shui the windows are the openings or eyes to your life.

Feng shui indicates that each and every object around us mean something or the other. We spend most of our quality time at ourhomes. Therefore it is not correct to overlook any of its aspects. The way we keep and manage our homes reflects in us. The state of your windows, as well as the state of any part ofyour home, be it the doors or the steps, is very important in feng shui.
In Feng Shui, you can begin to see dramatic changes in your life by simply paying attention to the way your windows are looking out into the world. Here are some of the Feng shui tips that can be followed at home

  • Windows need to be large enough to allow maximum light and positive energy inside your home
  • Keeping the windows clean and clear is one of the important factors of good feng shui. A window should be such that it allows maximum natural light during day and a good privacy at night.
  • Too many windows relative to the size of your space will make you very much active, but sometimes this might cause hyperactivity in little children.
  • Windows should always open outwards and never inside the home.
  • Don’t live with a cracked window. Replace it immediately.
  • It is important to avoid a direct alignment of the front door to a window in the living room or the bedroom. This is because, all the positive energy entering through the front door, escapes easily through the window without having a chance to circulate inside the house.
  • Avoid placing your bed underneath the windows. The constant flow of energy over the bed created too much negativity. If you have no other choice, then use thick curtains or blinds. Open the curtains during day to allow positive energy and close it during the night for a peaceful sleep.
  • Windows should be in proportion to the home or apartment. It should always be smaller than the doors. Avoid tall, narrow windows, which limits opportunities.
  • South facing windows let lots of natural light during the day. West facing windows lets in lot of glaring sunlight during the later part of the day.
  • Light draperies and curtains that are made from natural fabric like cotton, wool or silk will help promote good and healthy energy.
  • Choose the right color, fabric and material for your curtains or blinds to allow positive energy into your home and also make sure that it enhances the interiors of the home.
  • Blank walls next to windows are not good in Feng shui. It will cause negative energy. So decorate the wall to avoid the negative energy.
  • If your window opens up to good natural scenery, then make sure to keep it open as often as possible. That will boost up your energy and mood.
  • Enhance your windows with wind chimes and bamboo plant.

Comparison of normal glass and self-cleaning glass
Comparison of normal glass and self-cleaning glass

Keeping windows clean is one of the important tasks in Feng shui. But cleaning is one of the toughest and boring household chore. Cleaning windows does not happen so easily. It will be easy if you fit your windows with self-cleaning glass Bioclean like one from Saint Gobain. Self-cleaning glass does not need cleaning as frequently as ordinary glass does.But, it is not 100% maintenance free. The advantages of Bioclean – self-cleaning glass from Saint gobain are:

  • Saves money
  • Requires less cleaning
  • Provides a permanent coating
  • Uses natural elements for cleaning and so it is eco-friendly.

Use self-cleaning glasses for your windows and allow positive energy into your home.


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