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Festive Home Décor for Diwali

Updated on August 21, 2014
Diwali Decor
Diwali Decor | Source

Diwali Decor

Diwali is all about lights, Prayers, Crackers, sweets and decorating your home to the best for welcoming Goddess Laxmi.

For this special festival people clean their home very well with white washing and cleaning every part of house throwing the unused and garbage out, but here we got a twist during Diwali while cleaning our house we do find several things which is lying unused or may be waste in some way but these things can be used to create the unique masterpiece for your home which you are not going to find anywhere in the market and will make your home looks lovely and unique.

Large Old Frame
Large Old Frame | Source
Blank old frame with decoratives
Blank old frame with decoratives | Source
Old chairs for terrace/garden
Old chairs for terrace/garden | Source
Old Tin Cans for Planting Flowers
Old Tin Cans for Planting Flowers | Source

Using Old Material for Decors

Old Photo Frames

We do have some old photo frames lying with us in the storeroom tarnished and old one, don’t throw them away as we are going to use them in a unique way for home décor.

Just paint those frames in the desired color and you can use them hanging without photos in glasses in the wall.

Also we can use some decorative items on it and can hang on wall.

Another way of using them is fixing a lace as the base of frame in case of big frames and then hang small frames with pictures on it that will turn out as a large decorative pictured frame for your blank wall.

We can even use combination of frames hanging near to each other in your blank wall that will give a contemporary look to your wall.

Old Chairs

While cleaning store room of our house we often come across old wooden or metal chairs lying unused as a garbage because now it’s no more fits with your furniture so you are planning to dump it as waste, well instead of doing this the best way is spray paint those chairs with different colors and use them in the garden or terrace with a small coffee table.

Old Cans

Every year after finishing the painting of house we are left with empty cans of paints so instead of throwing them away spray paint those with different colors just like the old chairs or paint it colorfully with designs and use those for planting flowers in them. This will give a colorful look to your garden and can also be placed anywhere even the balcony of your house.

Wall Decals
Wall Decals | Source
Floating Candles
Floating Candles | Source
Lights in Bottle
Lights in Bottle | Source
Kandils/Lanterns | Source
Traditional Crockery
Traditional Crockery | Source
Traditional Furnishing
Traditional Furnishing | Source

Festive mood home décor

To give a festive mood in your home we can use below mentioned decorative ideas that will your home look colorful and will give festive appearance.

  1. Wall Decals- Now a day’s Wall decals are easily available in markets and come with themes, in case of Diwali we can choose spiritual decals and can use in living room wall or entrance wall across door of house.
  2. Candles- Considering Diwali as our centre point we can use designer candles or floating candles in our homes. In the centre of living room have a nice crystal bowl on the top of table and fill it with some water and rose petals and place floating candles on it. Use designer candles in the empty corner of living room with a stand if possible.
  3. Lights- During Diwali people buy light threads available in market and using them for decorating their house but here we are going to use them in innovative way. We do have old glass bottles lying in our homes, just wrap it with colored foils and put inside some lights thread available in market and make a thread of some 5-6 or depending on the space available in your entrance or lobby area and hang it may be in the corner this will give cool and different look to festive lights.
  4. Lanterns/Kandils- Kandils (Lanterns) gives the most relevant look for Diwali and gives a pure traditional look.

There are two kinds of lantern we can use either the one which is made of Cloths/Sheet with mirrors embellished on it or the glass ones which are available with antique or traditional look. Use these lanterns either in Living room or in the entrance depending on the space availability.

5. To add on we can even give festive/traditional touch to the crockery which we will be using for our guest. We can have a traditional/handmade tray for serving. The cups which we will be using can also be of similar flavor with traditional colored ones.

6. Living room linen furnishing – With small spending we can change the whole look of living room by just changing the furnishing of our living room for the festival. Have handmade/traditional look cushions/mats for your living room.

So don’t just spend your festival with new clothes, food, sweets and all in fact live the festival by giving whole look and feel of festival to your house as well.

Happy Diwali to all !! :)


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