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5 Awesome Festool Power Tools To Upgrade Any Workshop

Updated on July 16, 2016

Since the company was founded in Germany in 1925, Festool has been one of the finest manufacturers of power tools, accessories, and supplies for woodworking. With high design and engineering standards, there’s no question why so many professional and novice woodworkers turn to Festool when they want quality tools in their workshop.

Festool products are synonymous with high quality and known the world over to provide years of reliable service. Although these tools are typically higher in price compared to lower quality power tool brands, Festool’s build quality is one of the best woodworking brands to choose from.

For woodworkers who haven’t tried them out, it’s only natural to ask, “Are Festool products worth the price?”

To see which Festool products are worth your hard-earned dollars, here are 5 of the best tools to upgrade any workshop.

The Awesome Festool Power Tools To Upgrade Your Workshop


1. Festool Kapex KS 120 EB Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Price: $1,475.00


  • Dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw
  • 10" Blade with extended capacity capability up to 4-4/3"
  • Dual lasers
  • Fine bevel adjustment with upfront control
  • Counter Spring Balanced Bevel

If you’re in the market for your next sliding miter saw, the Festool KS 120 is definitely one of the finest and most popular miter saws out there. Depending on what material is being used, the variable speed gives you the power to adjust and get the most accurate cuts every time. This miter saw is able to handle quite a bit while still managing to be compact and lightweight. This Festool miter saw is so accurate that you may regret not buying it sooner.

2. Festool Domino XL Joiner DF 700 Set

Price: $1,400.00


  • Motor: 720 Watts; RPM: 21,000 RPM

  • Routing Depth: 15-70mm

  • Routing Width: 16 1/2mm + Dia. of Cutter

  • Accepts Cutters: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm (12mm included)

  • Weight: 11.6 lbs.

For many years, the Festool Domino has been one of the best joiners money could buy. Woodworkers loved the original so much that many voiced how much they wish they could use the Domino on bigger projects. Festool listened to these folks and created the Domino XL joiner to be used on any large scale project. If you wish you had a joiner built to for larger projects, the Domino XL makes highly accurate cuts with ease.

3. Festool Dust Extractor CT26 HEPA

Price: $675.00


  • Power Consumption: 2.9 – 10 amps @ 120V

  • 6.9 gallon (26 L) Container Capacity

  • 96” Static Water Lift

  • Max Suction Force - 137 CFM

  • HEPA Filter Surface Area: 3.29 ft2

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 24.8”x14.4”x21.25”

  • Weight: 28.7 lbs

  • Power Cord 12 AWG: 24.5’ length

  • Stepless electronic suction control

Although not as expensive as some of the other Festool dust extractors, the CT26 is another crowd favorite. As part of Festool’s Cleantec line, this dust extractor is built to be extremely durable and mobile enough to be moved almost anywhere. The bags are self-cleaning and are designed to operate at maximum suction while remaining incredibly quiet. Overall, this is another fine example of Festool’s well-known line of dust extractors.

4. Festool Random Orbit Sander 5", Model ETS 125EQ with T-LOC

Price: $195.00


  • 200 Watt/1.67amp motor

  • 5” Dia Pad (125mm); Pad Brake avoids set-down and start-up gouges

  • Speed: 6,000 – 14,000 opm

  • Sanding Stroke: 5/64"

  • Weight: 2.4 lbs.

An ideal one-handed machine for maximum surface quality when finishing or pre-sanding, the Festool ETS 125 is a solid addition to any workshop. This 5” random orbital sander has one of the finest sanding strokes at 5/64” making it perfect for intermediate sanding and fast stock removal. Compared to similar tools at lower prices, some woodworkers have gone so far as to say that this is the “Cadillac” of orbital sanders and well worth the seemingly steep price tag.

5. Festool TRION PSB 300 EQ Jigsaw T-LOC

Price: $250.00


  • 720 watts/6amp 120v AC

  • 1000-2900 spm

  • 4 stage stroke adjustment

  • Weight: 5.29lbs. (2.4kg)

Whether you need to cut wooden beams, aluminum, or even steel, the Festool TRION is one of the most powerful jigsaws on the market. With variable speed adjustment, you can be sure that you’re using just the right amount of power to make straight and perpendicular cuts. So if you need a jigsaw with just a little more ‘oomph,’ this model from Festool should be on your wishlist.

Don’t Limit Yourself. Explore More From Festool...

Even when looking to buy your next car, price plays a big role when you’re comparing a reasonably priced mid-size sedan and a high-end European sports car. Woodworking power tools can vary in price drastically, but so can their value. Festool has strived to make the world’s best power tools and many professional woodworkers rely on these high-end tools everyday. So when you’re ready to make some fine additions to your workshop, these 5 tools from Festool are a great place to start.

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