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Few Home Safety Tips

Updated on February 22, 2013

Here are a few safety tips you shouldn’t be ignoring. It could mean preventing injuries and accidents from happening or saving a life, your life and everyone close to you.


  • When you are trying to reach for something, and you’d need to stand on a chair or a ladder or just something higher so that you could reach for it, don’t stand on a very light chair or anything that is very light. The problem is that when you stand on it and you have difficulty holding your balance, the chair you are standing on will not be able to hold you. You will most likely fall the minute you lose your balance. Use a firm and heavier wooden chair or table instead. Heavy wooden chairs are safer if you need to reach for something. It could hold you and will stay firmly planted on the ground which can help you regain your balance on it. This simple and seemingly unimportant tip can actually help prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries in the process.

  • Pay attention to the smell around your house. If you smell electricity or a burning tire, it could mean something is wrong with the electricity around the house. Faulty electricity and electrical wires can oftentimes smell like burning tires. Do try to find where the smell is coming from so you could figure out the cause of the problem. Ignoring them won’t make them go away and could lead to bigger problems and accidents that can be avoided if you just made the necessary steps early on. Aside from that, continuous smell of electricity around your house can lead to health hazards.

  • Pay attention to the smell around your house, again. If you smell something burning like food burning or clothes burning, then most likely, something really is burning. You may have been cooking something and you forgot all about it or you may have been ironing your clothes and have forgotten all about it.

  • Pay attention to the smell and the sound in your house. If you smell your cooking gas or LPG where it is situated, then the gas is leaking and it can be dangerous and can lead to disasters. It can be doubly dangerous if you can hear its hissing sound like “sssssss”. Likewise, even if something serious didn’t really happen, continuous smell of a gas around your house can pose hazards to your health and everyone exposed to it frequently.


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    • DabbleYou profile image

      DabbleYou 6 years ago

      Hi Francis, thanks for stopping by and for leaving nice comment. :)

    • DabbleYou profile image

      DabbleYou 6 years ago

      Hi CoachJoey, thanks for stopping by. :)

    • CoachJoey profile image

      Joey McClurg 6 years ago from Illinois

      This is a good list of reminders! Thank you for sharing this with us.