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Fiberglass Pool Kits

Updated on January 4, 2011

Fiberglass pools are now more common than ever, and are being installed in households who want instant pools to their backyard. The advent of such made way for fiberglass pool kits—sold by the same guys who make concrete and tile pools—which are true “drop-in” solutions.

First, the advantages of going fiberglass

Fiberglass as the choice material for swimming pools is slowly becoming a no-brainer. In the United States, the use of fiberglass pools over the last 10 years has seen exponential growth. Experts believe that fiberglass will surpass concrete pools in construction over the next decade.

The first advantage of fiberglass is that it is non-porous. Its surface is continues all throughout and has no visible seams. Tiles have seams, and this is a problem area. The seams are the first to get dirty and discolored, as they become instant breeding ground for algae. Because this is eliminated in fiberglass, your pool not only stays clean (less algae), it is also easier to clean.

The lack of seams also poses an obvious advantage for safety. The in-between of times can become sharp and hazardous. They can easily cut swimmers’ feet if not leveled properly. Because fiberglass is seamless, it is easier on the feet.

Fiberglass is a very durable material. In fact at an average, fiberglass pool manufacturers give a 35-year no-questions-asked warranty on their products. If that doesn’t say enough on its quality, I don’t know what else will. Additionally, is also semi-flexible and has the ability to move with the soil beneath it. Soil is not solid therefore it is not stable; the fiberglass pool can swell or shrink with its soil container.

Fiberglass pools have become easier to design and style. Back then they were very bleak and synonymous to plain-looking, straight-white pools. Today, manufacturing advancements have made way for unique shapes and colored finishes, available only to designer tiles back then.

Fiberglass pools are quicker and relatively easier to install. As previously mentioned, they are literally dropped into place. The pools are pre-made from the manufacturer and the only underlying problem, depending on the size, is transporting them to the site. Installation is a basic dig-and-drop operation.

Its durability also makes it cheaper to maintain in the long run. Costs normally associated with repairs on concrete or vinyl-lined pools are lessened, if not eliminated entirely altogether.

Fiberglass Pool Kits

A fiberglass pool kit is a complete package-solution that includes pumps, filters, lighting, maintenance equipment, flooring, etc. Depending on the size, you should expect to shell out a minimum of $8,000 dollars for a complete kit. If you think the price is quite steep, think about long-term cost and how this is a worry-free setup. Most installers have also already included installation fees on their packages.

Fiberglass pool kits can also sometimes refer to do-it-yourself raw material kits that are to be built at home; they are also way cheaper and start at less than $500. These however, are not for the average builder. You must have a skilled understanding of how fiberglass is shaped and molded, not to mention plumbing skills, water filtration, etc.

For complete packages, you can check out Pool Warehouse in Colbert, Washington. Their site includes a number of package options that should give you an idea on what to expect.

For do-it-yourself pool kits, you can start with Midwest Fiberglass Pool Distributors, Inc. Simply search for the companies’ names above and visit their site to get you started and familiar with what to expect. Good luck with your project.

Photo examples of fiberglass pool kits


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