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Home based Field Inspection Jobs

Updated on March 3, 2014

How to start working as a Home Based Field Service Home Inspector

Some things you will need to do to get started is to find the national field service companies that offer property preservation services, because they are the ones who are hiring for:

  • Residential Inspections
  • Foreclosure inspections
  • Bankruptcy inspections
  • Occupancy determinations and Property & Casualty inspections

Services you can provide in your local area can include the following:

Weatherization, Lock Change, Eviction ,Attendance, Pool Covering ,Exterminating ,Debris Removal, Window Replacement/Screening/Board Up, Water Pumping, Bids/Estimates Conveyance Preparation, Roof Repair, rush inspection, skip tracing, sale date inspection, foreclosure inspection, bankruptcy inspection, insurance loss inspection, manufactured housing inspection, disaster inspection, verification and occupancy inspection, as well as property condition inspection.

You will need to contact the REO department of large property preservation companies and offer your services to help as a subcontractor.

Home Inspection as a Field Service Rep Inspector

Field service inspection is something that many national property preservation companies that work with lending and insurance companies provide a way for those in local cities and states to work to earn extra money, providing professional inspection services.

As you are probably aware a home inspection is a documented visual evaluation of the home to determine its present condition.

Inspectors receive inspection requests emailed right to their computers. Homes and commercial properties that are being refinanced, foreclosed or are vacant still require frequently updated drive-by inspections, photo inspections and verification reports submitted to national field service companies.

Work at home based inspection business
Work at home based inspection business

I found that Virtual Vocations has a job listing for a Work at Home Home Field Inspector/Picture Taker. The job is for a large bank seeking 3 sub contractors to take photos and verify occupancy of homes in the valley. Santa Clarita as well as the East of Burbank Chatsworth/West Hills area,

They will give you a 25-100 homes a day in the same neighborhood. We require a photo of the front of the house and the street sign. On some of the homes they need you to knock on the door and give the homeowner a note from the bank.

They also require you to email them the information from your car. So you must own a laptop computer with a wireless internet data card. You must also own a camera with a date stamp on it. You must speak English and it would help if you can speak Spanish also.

New Jersy Home Inspection Jobs, Many companies will post a work at home job on these websites, because they tend to be more reliable and find qualified candidates for a work at home job.

Home inspection jobs in Maryland is found on the career jet employment site. Which has the following job listings:

  • Become a Home Inspector, Learn inspection standards; building codes and regulations. Home and Mold Inspection Murrieta CA Real Estate Warranty Inspections
  • Home-and-Mold Local Inspection Company
  • Home & Bus Inspection & Environmental Service
  • Environmental ConsultingTechnical excellence in Mold, Lead & Lead-based Paint.
  • Be a Home Inspector Study home inspection at home. Earn up to $50,000 yr.
  • Eugene Home InspectionHigh Quality Home Inspections In Eugene-Springfield Oregon areas Home Inspector DegreesReceive your Home Inspector degree at top online schools.
  • Reliable Home InspectionsServing most So.Cal regions
  • Home InspectorFree Estimates, Ratings & More. Compare Up to 4 Quotes HomeI nspectorsService Magic
  • Home Inspector JobsSearch for Home Inspector Jobs Find your new job today.
  • Riteway Home Inspections Home Inspections the Riteway Color Picture's Insured Certified
  • Fireside Home Inspection NH's Premier Home Inspections Over 25 years Industry Experience!
  • Professional Inspections 30 Years Construction Experience George M. Forney
  • Home Inspection Jobs Search multiple engines for home inspection jobs
  • SG Homes, Inc. Inspections, consultations, const. Expert service in Lane County area Certified Mold Training Natl Assoc of Mold Professionals Mold Pro
  • Home Inspector Training Inspection Training & Certification
  • Home Inspector Jobs Learn From Within The Comfort Of Your Own Home.
  • Home Inspector Schools Get your Home Inspector degree. Online-Education
  • Home Inspector Jobs Get Contract Business Leads Receive Your Leads by Phone
  • Home Inspection Course Nationwide Home Inspector Training Home Study Course, Online Access Home Inspection Institute

REO Foreclosure Inspection Jobs on

  • Mortgage Field Inspector, Albany, GA

Perform occupancy verification inspections on homes in the foreclosure process. Position requires extensive driving. Must have reliable transportation, GPS.

  • Real Estate Assistant & Property Inspector, Trenton, MI

Service areas cover portions of 6 counties. Our primary business is foreclosures, secondary business is residential resale. Our Asst is the direct support.

  • Field Quality Inspectors- Defined Duration Assignment, Fannie Mae - United States

Focus is on preventing foreclosures, making mortgages and rental housing as affordable... the Field Service QC Inspectors to ensure timely and...

  • 25 Openings- Property Management and Construction - Ultimate Staffing Services - Brandon, FL

Home building, appraisers, inspectors, Home Depot Call Center, purchasing, procurement, negotiating, mortgage, foreclosure, banking, insurance, architecture.

  • Real Estate Professionals, Chicago Business Development Group - Downers Grove, IL

As the market changes, so must we. With the foreclosure market at an all time high, most of our investors.plumbers, building inspectors, loan officers.

  • REO Pre-List Coordinator I, Fifth Third Bank - Cincinnati, OH

From the time the property is received by the foreclosure unit to the time the asset is ready to be listed agents and field inspectors to ensure that properties.

List of Property Preservation Field Inspection Jobs

  • Property REO
  • Property Safeguard
  • Field Inspectors
  • REO Preservation
  • REO Inspections
  • Mortgage Inspections
  • Property Preservations
  • Landmark Home Inspections
  • Online Mortgage Leads
  • Your local home inspector
  • Home inspector training
  • Field Inspection Guide
  • Field inspection service
  • Independent contractor jobs
  • Jobs for field inspectors
  • mortgage field inspectors
  • mortgage field services
  • Mortgage field service companies
  • additional income opportunity
  • supplemental income
  • help wanted inspectors
  • national mortgage field service
  • Evictions
  • BPO'
  • Mortgage contracting services
  • Mortgage Field Services and Commercial Property Inspection Services
  • Field Inspection Services Careers and Employment
  • Property Home Inspection
  • Commercial Inspector

Certified Home Inspection Jobs

ASHI Certified Home Inspector Los Angeles, CA seeks a full time residential home inspector. The candidate should have ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) credentials.

Need Qualified Insurance Inspector-Workers Compensation Classification Field Inspector NCCI Holdings Atlanta, GA position is home-based in the Atlanta, GA area license such as an agent license, certified safety professional license. need Qualified Field Inspector Refinery Inspection Honeywell Des Plaines, IL

Vessel Inspector, API-570 Piping Inspector or API-653 Tank Inspector Network And Systems Professionals Association

Need Qualified Elevator Inspector - Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine Bureau Veritas - Manchester, NH

Elevator Inspector Vermont, New Hampshire an elevator inspector or mechanic Certified Q.E.I. inspector with... Need Qualified Certified Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI) Aerotek Commercial - Charleston, SC an experienced Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) for an immediate opening in Charleston, SC The Certified Welding Inspector

HOME INSPECTOR - AZ BTR CERTIFIED Valley Home Inspections Mesa, AZ HOME INSPECTIONS is seeking a full-time, experienced, Registration certified Home Inspector to serve our West Valley from

Qualified Certified Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI) Aerotek Engineering & Environmental - Charleston, SC an experienced Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) for opening in Charleston, SC The Certified Welding Inspector

Here is a list of some companies that are hiring field inspectors:

National Vendor Management Services Inc.NVMS provides a wide array of residential and commercial property inspection services

Some of the residential and commercial inspection services include:

  • Mobile Home Inspections Asset Audits
  • Residential Property Inspections
  • Termite Inspections
  • Commercial Property Inspections Broker Price Opinions (BPO)
  • Occupancy Determinations Construction Draw Inspections
  • Merchant Site Inspections Septic Evaluations
  • Composition Siding Inspections Phase I Environmental Evaluations
  • Foreclosure Inspections Phase II Environmental Evaluations
  • Insurance Loss Inspections Structural Evaluations

Due to the extensive types of inspections performed by these national property preservation companies there will be plenty of jobs and work for those who want to make money from home working as an independent contractor to these companies: all that is needed to get started is to email them and have a digital camera, internet access and a vehicle to go by and fill out a questionaire or report.

Go to the companies website look for the contact us section and send them an email look for a contractor employment application and sign up with as many companies as you like.


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  • profile image

    James richardson 6 years ago

    I have been doing inspection work for 20years mtgr inspections foreclosure insinspections.

  • profile image

    Scott 6 years ago

    I worked for a company in NJ ARECI who paid 3 and 4 dollars an inspection. They sat in an office while others drove around all day and I know for a fact they were making a lot more money. They had no concern for the amount of time or hours their employees were working.

  • profile image

    Patti King 6 years ago

    Also in Texas. But I LOVE this work. My car gets close to 30mpg, and that helps. Currently I work for 2 companies. The more recent one pays better but not many jobs. The other is one I have done since late Feb '11. I lost it when I was hospitalized in May with a ruptured gall bladder. But my manager called to ask me back part time so I can get my foot back in the door. Hoping to eventually get enough to live on again.

    Of course, I have no one but me in my home, so no one to complain of long hours. Driving around, playing with tech gadgets, taking pics, and sometimes getting to go in vacant houses...for me it's a dream job. I'm just an old hippie, I guess. Works for me.

    If ANYONE knows of other companies in East Texas that need part time help... well, already got a set of keys and lockbox codes! Let me know...

  • profile image

    MARTA BRYANT 6 years ago


  • profile image

    Shyloh Window Replacement 6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this information! That sounds like a great job to have. I have to look into window replacement but, after that I would love to apply myself! Thank you again.

  • profile image

    Tired Rep 6 years ago

    Hi, Did some work for NVMS a company in Virginia they pay 10. per and that includes the photos. Your right, not for everybody, especially with gas nearing 4 dollars a gallon by me. You will go broke before you get rich working for them.

  • profile image

    Property Inspector 7 years ago

    You have to negotiate, just because they offer you 5.00.

    doesn't mean you have to accept the offe of five dollars

    to complete the inspections. Calculate your expenses.

    Gas, So when you get what you are willing to do the inspections for you will not have a complaint.

    It's not for everyone. If you are in need of doing something different contact me if not thanks for reading.

    Help Wanted field reps in your area easy to do.

    Must have digital camera, internet access, and vehicle.

    No experience - No License Required

    Understand what you are trying to accomplish

    My how to manual is only $29.95. I have put together who what when and where manual for

    completing other inspections, the basics is going to an location weather it be residents or

    commerical. You will be a representative for companies who need you to check on thier interest.

    Such as foreclosures, those who may or about to go into foreclosure. These is one of many

    types. The manual includes a sample brochure. I give you the simple, quickest, way to contact

    the companies. They need your experience. I will show you how to approach them. And every other detail from

    a to z.

  • profile image

    Mary 7 years ago

    Well live in the great state of Texas newbie here though. I started doing some for $5.00 face to face and photos also drive time 2 hrs. Feel rip off Thanks like you said not for everyone.

  • profile image

    Theres a differance between Home and Property Inspection  7 years ago

    Before you spend $1,000.00's of dollars on how to do property inspections contact me.

    My first contract was 300 inspections for 10.00 plus 1.50 per 2 photos.

    Your time is just important. I will show you how to negotiate.

    You have to ask for what you are willing to do the inspections for.

    So when you get what you are willing to do the inspections for you will not have a complaint.

    It's not for everyone. If you are in need of doing something different contact me if not thanks for reading.

    Help Wanted field reps in your area easy to do.

    No Sales No Cold Calling

    Must have digital camera, internet access, and vehicle.

    No experience - No License Required

    contact us for information at

    (502) 572-7683

    Everything is in here to know about how you can start earning

    $2,000 up to $5,000.00 per month and what you will need.

    Plus 30 day email support.