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Fighting Back Pain : Mattress Types for Sufferers

Updated on September 17, 2013

If you suffer from back pain, your whole life is affected, both pleasure and work. For many sufferers, simple tasks such as sitting down or walking to the local shops can be an ordeal.

Although, patients can receive medical help, they should also ensure they have a mattress that helps to relieve pain and gain a good night’s sleep. A good mattress can go a long way towards helping your body deal with the effects of back pain.

Whether the pain is due to a bulging disc, degenerative spine disorders or pinched sciatic nerve, these conditions are worsened if you sleep on the wrong kind of mattresses. It will create an uncomfortable and often painful experience while you sleep at night. You may even continue to feel the effects of this throughout the day, which can hamper your work results.

Did You Know?

*It should take between 10 to 15 minutes for you to fall asleep
Eye movements during sleep can indicate motions and actions during a dream

*It just takes 17 hours of disturbed sleep or being awake before our normal functions like concentration and eyesight are affected

*Alcohol may appear to help sleep however, it does not promote a deep sleep therefore ensuring a restless night

*Most of what doctors know about our sleeping patterns has only be learned over the last 25 years. Before that, there was little medical advice to help people suffering from apnoea, insomnia, or back pain while sleeping.

*The lifespan of a mattress is roughly 6 to 8 years depending on usage

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Types of Mattresses to Relieve Back Pain

The first option is foam mattresses that conform to the overall shape of your body. Head to a retail store and try them out. Very often, the cause of discomfort is a curved spine that occurs naturally, as we get older. This means it will not be able to rest comfortably on a flat surface but foam mattresses provide excellent support.

Box spring mattresses help your body relax and perform a similar function. These types of mattresses are designed with a simpler framework, which means they give way easier and make sure you get the contours that you need to rest your back comfortably throughout the night. Check for mattresses that have been specifically rated to help people with their back pain issues.

Finally, check out some of the adjustable mattresses that are for sale. These can be moved around to tilt the angle of certain sections. This allows the user to adjust the mattress to how they want to use it. They can even adjust it throughout the night if they are having a hard time sleeping. This may be appealing to many people who may suffer from back pain in several sections.

Gradings of Mattresses

  • Soft
  • Soft Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium Firm
  • Firm
  • Ultra Firm

Additional Hints and Tips

Ask yourself if your old mattress is the cause of your back pain. Very often, mattresses sag in the middle with age and this can affect how the spine will lay when sleeping. If you suspect, this is the problem, you can order a next day delivery mattress to instantly solve it.

If you are unsure which mattress is best for your back, ask for advice from your doctor. They can often recommend specific types but also remember that comfort should be a top priority as well. After all, we spend one thirds of our lives sleeping!

It is a myth that back pain sufferers should buy a hard mattress. Your weight and whom you sleep with are also contributing factors. Ensure you lay down on the mattress before parting with your cash.


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