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Find An Apartment

Updated on October 20, 2013

Top 3 Ways to Find an Apartment

Before the Internet took over every aspect of life, the only way to find an apartment was to look at the ads section of your local newspaper, hear say, or sometimes checking out flyers that were hung in your community center or chamber of commerce. Now, one of the aspects of life that the internet has made easier is finding your apartment. You can go to a search engine and simply type the area or city you are looking to live in, then look for apartments right next to the location, and thousands of sites that are catering to helping people find their new home are now available at your fingertips.


HotPads is a one of the most popular websites for apartment seekers. Its user friendliness and amount of resources that a person looking for an apartment may need, hits the entire spectrum of whatever you may think of in regards to an apartment. When first arriving to the site they have a map of the United States of America and you pick a state. When picking a state, all of the major cities and towns that have HotPads listings come into view. The service has yellow dots, yellow buildings, red buildings, and yellow homes on the map for every listing they have. Each icon represents a different type of location. One of the other great features on the map is being able to choose to filter your views through school choice and weather patterns in the area.


There is also Craigslist, which is an easy and probably the most updated website when it comes to finding apartments. People and businesses can list vacancies almost immediately when they know of one, on this website. However, one of Craigslist downfalls is the lack of options, features, and sometimes the ambiguity of certain listings. Craigslist does have a map, listed by price, and then by county features, that is quite useful and practical. is one of the oldest websites for searching apartments, being one of the first websites to display ads and listings for businesses and people with vacant apartments. It is a simple website with easy to navigate features and options. The website is not as colorful and inviting as some other websites, but the greater amount of listings they have make up for the lackluster color. Almost all of their listings have virtual tours, where one can navigate through the apartment just by guiding using the mouse on the desktop or laptop. If a listing does not have a virtual tour then they most likely have plenty of pictures or floor maps. The website also has an app for phones that help in the search for a new apartment on the go.

So when searching for an apartment keep in mind all the websites and services such as Advanced Apartment Locators, an apartment finder in uptown Dallas, that have made the search easier to find a new home. Whether looking for apartment based on good schools, need one immediately, or want to be able to see most of it before going to make an appointment, remember these websites for quick access and efficient scanning.

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