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Find Vintage Architectural Hardware and Fixtures for your Home

Updated on March 17, 2011

Be it a Craftsman style, Cottage, Tudor Revival or other antique or vintage home you want to restore, coming by authentic door, window, and/or cabinet hardware, period light fixtures etc. is not as easy as walking into your nearest Do it Yourself hardware store. Here are some tips to help you find what you need.

1: Determine the type of home you have. Craftsman homes for instance have a specific decorative style associated with them. Do some research with magazines that specialize in vintage homes. Visit the library. Do online searches.

2: Once found, study the architectural details associated with your style of home. Craftsman homes have clean, linear details. Most decorative materials are natural wood. The hardware too was clean, geometric and usually used dark bronze finishes. Gustav Stickley, and Frank Lloyd Wright were two famous architects of that era.

3: Be prepared to spend time looking through antique stores, thrift stores, and pawing through garages at estate sales. I've found many a treasure hidden in the back of a dusty old garage.

4: eBay is another source for the items you seek. But be warned, the bidding can become very heated for these items. Be sure to have a price range in mind if you choose to bid, otherwise you may end up paying far more for the item than you originally intended.

5: Mail order. There are many online stores that specialize in authentic and reproduction architectural hardware and fixtures. Do a Google search for your specific item using quotation marks, ie: "craftsman doorknobs"

6: Take your time. Be patient. Just because you don't find the exact item you're looking for right away doesn't mean you'll never find it. The more you network with businesses, antique dealers etc. the more likely you'll get what you're after. Happy hunting!


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