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Green living with the help of new technologies

Updated on May 10, 2016

Sterling Villa Grande

‘Green’ is a beautiful word and a beautiful way to live your life. Green is peaceful, it is longevity. And it is the time that we head back to our good old childhood days when greenery were more and nature was not depleted and deprived of the crucial attention that it needs so that mankind can live amidst serenity.

In the new age time, we call it sustainable living. Our time calls for wise living with the help of solar power, making use of renewable energies, rainwater harvesting, etc. So it is the effective utilization of the natural resources and conserving them at the same time. In this way, there would be the less negative impact on the ecosystem. Some of the processes that help to maintain a green living are using sustainable buildings materials, sustainable urban drainage system, using sewage treatment plant to keep the water bodies clean. And these are just a few of the ideas and technologies to lead a green living.

As a trusted and prominent name of Bangalore real estate, Sterling Developers Pvt Ltd understands the nitty-gritty of high-standard sustainable living. Therefore, we present you with properties that have eco-friendly features and luxurious lifestyle at the same time. Sterling Villa Grande has various energy saving and features that helps to bring the balance in our ecosystem. The plan and the architecture of the villas spread around 39 acres of land where exists vegetation. The location is near Whitefield that is known for its spacious and peaceful environment.

We have incorporated advanced technology to turn our visions into reality and thus the new concepts and objectives are attained. Some of the major steps that we have taken at Sterling Developers to conserve energy are an installation of solar water heaters in each villa that uses the renewable energy source. And in turn it reduces the energy costs for the residents at the property.

Every villa at Sterling Villa Grande is designed to strategically to make use of the rainwater to conserve through rainwater harvesting system. The conserved and collected rainwater is stored in the tanks and can be used later on. At Sterling Developers, we have also carried out the researches on ground water and thus have initiated to work towards preserving our ground water resources.

For safe disposal of domestic waste and maintain the aesthetic and integrity of the surroundings we have implemented Sewage Treatment Plant at Sterling Villa Grande. This process cleans up the dirt and slush with extended aeration through diffused aeration to treat the waste.

You would also notice various other efforts that have been made towards environmental conservation that includes retaining the existing trees and maintain the green cover. At Sterling Developers, we mostly use eco-friendly materials as it has been mentioned previously. We ensure that the products that we use do not cause future environmental consequences but instead give it back to nature what we get from it. Thus, the project of luxury Villas in bangalore represts luxuriouse and sustainable living amidst peaceful and safe environment.


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