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Finding The Perfect Wine Glasses

Updated on January 20, 2013

Finding the Perfect Wine Glass

When you're looking for the perfect wine glass there are a lot of different things to think about. Are you wanting a nice set of wine glasses that are appropriate for any occasion, or are you looking for that truly special set of glasses that are brought out only for those truly spectacular and memorable occasions? The difference between a set of personally engraved crystal glasses and a perfectly acceptable set of nice everyday use glasses can balance between this question. Are you a casual wine connoisseur? An every in a great while drinker? Do you have friends over or do you sip alone in languid relaxation? All of these things can go a long way to determining what the best set for you are. Casual or formal? What's the price range? This page will helpfully help you with the resources you need to find out what set of win glasses is perfect for you.

Photos of Wine Glasses

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Options for Fine Wine Glasses

So you're looking for an exceptional set of wine glasses that truly celebrates the visit of friends or a celebratory occasion. There are few things that truly indicate class than the perfect glassware for a fine bottle of red or favorite bottle of white. The main issue that can come up when shopping is that "fine" is a very relative term. This leaves you open to several different types of options for what fits. One of the most popular types are crystal wine glasses. These are extremely fancy, often with decorative stems and the bottom of the glasses having additional design or glass work that makes for a beautiful design.

Engraved wine glasses are another popular option, and definitely worth paying attention to. The engravings are often simple but elegant, such as initials, or a simple symbol that gives that personalized touch to these gifts. Some wine glasses can even be engraved with full names and often make for great wedding gifts.

Decorative wine glasses also fit along these lines. Decorative can refer specifically to engraved initials or crystal, but there are also many different glasses that come with special painting, symbols traced in, other other types of decorative work that really bring out the best in an already high quality product.

Cheap Wine Glasses Are An Option

Inexpensive or cheap wine glasses are also an option when budget is a major issue. Let's face it: we don't always need a really expensive or fancy wine glass to enjoy the simple yet noble pleasures from the vineyard. Whether you're a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon fan who enjoys the deep flavors of an excellent red, or a light spring flavor wine drinker who enjoys a great white - you don't have to buy an expensive wine glass to enjoy the benefits from a glass or two of wine a day. I often like to use the term inexpensive wine glasses because the word "cheap" has so many negative connotations.

What's wrong with saving money? While I'm enough of a wine snob to look down on plastic disposable wine glasses (although they're still better than red Dixie cups, I suppose), but there are many plain and simple wine glasses that work well. They let the wine aerate, allow you to enjoy the pleasure of your favorite vineyard's fruits in style, and they don't break the bank.

From disposable to simple but effective designs, why argue with what works so well?

You Have A Wide Variety of Choices

When it comes to finding the perfect wine glasses, it's always good to know you have more choices than the two extremes of extremely decorative and expensive or very cheap, plastic, and disposable. Are you a colorful personality who likes to stick out from the rest? Why not take a look at some of the many colored wine glasses available. Are you a redneck through and through in many parts of your life, and you don't want your reputation hurt with fancy designer glassware in the cupboard then take a look at the redneck wine glasses and enjoy. Jokes for some, just perfect for others - and nothing wrong with either approach!

There are champagne flutes because there are glasses made specifically for champagne separate from what you use to drink wine. You can also order stemless wine glasses because I guess brandy drinkers like their wine, too? Most likely it's to help avoid some of the common accidents such as breaking the stem, or worrying about etiquette of how to hold the glass properly.


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