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Finding happiness in your home and in your life!

Updated on September 12, 2011

Happiness and home

Finding happiness at home may not be that far out of reach. The first step is to seek a better life. That is why you picked this article. You do. You are looking for a more joyful life. You seek to find that missing something. In this article, I will share with you how easy it is to find peace and happiness in your home and in your life.

Personal resolve

To promote growth of personal happiness we need 4 basic things. That is love, peace, self worth, and hope. If you are lacking any of these things it may be that you are regurgittating into the past to unresolved issues. Many of us are no stranger to family drama and it is no shame in seeking professional help when needed. It is responsible to do so. However, one must learn to forgive and accept. We may have issues from the past but, to find happiness we have to get to a place of understanding. Those who have hurt us were pretty messed up in the first place. They may not have the capacity to understand or even know that they were wrong. May be some people just do not know any better. From this point on tell yourself every single day, I am a good person. Stay away from anyone who puts you down. Those who degrade others with insults usually have a life of no purpose. Do not let anyone hold you back. Set goals and stick to them. Have an agenda on improving your life and keep focused. This should be a time of self discovery and making adjustments.

Create a staycation home

Skip the heavy drapes and let the sun in! It is time to redecorate your home for your new life. I suggest spending two weekends converting your excessive home into nature loving and charming. The first weekend do your closets. This is what I tried and it gave me a ton of more space. I bought woolwash laundry soap and washed all of my clothes, I mean my whole closet twice. Then, I matched up outfits and pressed and hung them with scarves, shoes, belts, and beads. I dyed black clothes blacker and bleached all whites. I polished five pairs of shoes and gave away all the rest. Any clothing or shoes that was not of use to me was donated away. By the end of the weekend I had a whole knew wardrobe.

This is time to move on to the bedroom and let go of the clutter. Indulge in decorating your bedroom with inspirations from nature. Go Adirondack or seaside. Do you enjoy the look of a pine lake, forest, a country garden or modern elegance. What ever your personal style I suggest keeping it simple. Bring the look of nature into your bedroom and your life. And declutter. Donate all unwanted bedding to a local homeless shelter. If you have four robes, donate three.

Turn your bathroom into a homespa. Roll white towels and store them in large baskets. Ditch the shower curtain look if you can and install glass doors on the tub and shower. Buy glass paint and paint the bathroom windows white. This keeps light flowing into the room and provides privacy. I suggest baskets to hold all your shampoo and bottles in the bath. It takes away all the clutter and keeps essentials handy. Stick to sulfate free products. Sulfate breaks down hair. Decorations are out. Keep it white and simple. Have an empty bottle? Fill it with epson salt and scented oil. I keep a vanity close to my bathrooom. In a spa room, it has to stimulate your senses and promote a feeling of relaxation and peace. Leave the walls bare and find one large soft white rug.

Sustainability VS materialism

When redecorating go eco freindly. Keep in mind the materials you are buying. Ask yourself, " Do I need this and does it have to be cleaned? " Is this going to bring more work my way? We are an all- consuming, wasteful society. In many cases our consumption is our doom. That is why I am suggesting that all of us need to make a more sustainable life for ourselves. We are wrecking havoc on the planet. We waste fresh water by the lakefulls. Twenty- five gallons of water is wasted each month for every person who lets the water run while they brush their teeth. We loose a quarter inch of top soil each and every year. Our landfills reach to the heavens. It is time for a social response so, let an eco freindly lifestyle become part of your agenda. You can have a better life by making decisions to reduce carbon emissions, waste less of everything. This is how we learn to be thankful.

Set up some plans to waste less that should become part of your everyday life. For example, I leave a pail on my back porch to dump all my waste water. Every time you pour water off pasta save it in a water pail. When it is filled pour it in the garden. Use cloth bags every time you shop. Another idea is to install a foot petal under your sink. You would be amazed at the thousands of gallons of water you will save by doing so. Another way to rescue water is with a rain barrell that collects rain water and hook a hose right to the barrell. Go solar in everyway you can afford. Buy solar outdoor lighting and utilize passive solar energy in ever way in your home. I use light curtains all year. Most of us over use air conditioning. If it is 80 or under turn it off. We waste electric energy constantly.

There are many ways to save energy. Switch to washing clothes in cold water only. Never use your clothes dryer for anything other than blankets and bedding. Hanging laundry right out of the washing machine on hangers. This ends long hours of folding clothes. Never buy wall to wall carpet. Never have an aquarium. This is adding to the disintegrating coral reefs. Grow garden vegtables in a large area of your backyard. You will find out right away you have so much less to mow. You can go vegan or even grow your own coffee. You can buy bio- degradable soy mattresses rather than foam beds. Anything you can do to be more respectful to the earth makes you a better person and helps you grow. It also helps you create for yourself a better home environment.

You want to create a home that celebrates life. So, buy plants instead of man made objects. Redo the living area in green (if you can). This will help you get more into the spirit of sustainability. Buy a new throw rug and new pillows in a bright cheerful modern pattern. This will liven up the room. Use white or light colored curtains rather than heavy drapes. Remember, let the sun shine in your home and in your life. Donate all books and periodicals to a local library or nursing home. These places usually accept items for a reading exchange. Get rid of knick knacks and excessive wall hangings. Little is better. If you have no trees on your front lawn plant one or two such as a flowering dogwood or a may apple. These are the kind of changes your home needs to make it a peaceful refuge. By making these changes to your life and to your home, and by living a more sustainable life you are improving the planet as well as becoming more aware about what is important.

Plan conscious giving

I found the best way to improve my own life way to get involved with life. Orchestrating charity in your life gives purpose and meaning. We can only grow as a person when we learn to give to others. Linking up with charities teaches us thankfulness. It also gives us hope because it impowers us. We have hope when we feel we can produce change. We have power when we can make a positive difference in peoples lives. Consider donating to KIVA, Playpumps International, or The Smile Train. Set up a giving area in your home. Store bedding, clothing, games, books, and household goods. You can hold a garage sale and donate all the money to a good cause or just simply dropp the items off at a nearby homeless shelter. Donate games to an after school program. Books and periodicals are often accepted at nursing homes.


Last volunteer. Volunteer positions often lead to permanant employment and is a new way to meet people. Volunteer at a shelter, hospital, or historic museum. What ever you become involved with will add to your life. You are a living resource and your contributions to this world are of great importance. We all have this day, what matters most of all is what we do with it. I say, plant that rose bush today you never know if you have tommorrow. by Joanne Kathleen Farrell


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