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Consider Commercial Cleaning Equipment.

Updated on April 27, 2014

If you are looking for cleaning appliances then you need to find a hopefully local supplier which provides the right kind of equipment. The same, of course, applies to all types of equipment you need to keep your home, office, shop or factory floor clean, safe and tidy. Domestic cleaning is a repetitive daily task especially if you live in a busy household. No sooner do you have a room looking spotless when the kids come back in from the garden with muddy shoes and send your cleaning OCD levels off the scale. The chances are that if like most of us you live in such a household then your cleaning appliances eventually become as grubby as the floor they've just cleaned. Industrial cleaning appliances aren't designed to be particularly pretty but they do have the advantage of being built to last and have a much better performance than domestic counterparts.

So much grime, so little time

The home is not the only place that need to be kept clean. Cars, vans, garden machinery, driveways and pathways need to be periodically cleaned to ensure good functionality . And if you own a caravan or mobile home having the right cleaning equipment to hand will help you enjoy it when it comes time to embark on your well earned break. It will also save you hours of scrubbing and polishing.

Consider buying pre-owned

Sometimes a good deal can be secured by purchasing used machinery. If your commercial cleaning services provider can supply good quality cleaning machinery that has been previously owned then that is a bonus. Industrial cleaning appliances tend to be built to last and are designed to be used on a daily basis in the most challenging environments. Refurbished and pre-owned industrial appliances can be a far cheaper alternative to buying brand new equipment designed for domestic use. It may not be as pretty and colourful as the brand new range from Hoover or Dyson for instance but the chances are that it'll be stored in your closet or cupboard when not in use, so who's going to know the difference?

No fancy packaging here

Use a quality detergent

If you have heavy duty cleaning machinery then you’ll need the correct type of detergent to go with it. When using heavy duty cleaning appliances it is always a good idea to have good quality detergent to hand and your supplier should be able to provide you with this. Industrial cleaning detergents tend to be sold in larger quantities and although you may be buying more than you need at one time it will be likely to be a more cost effective way of purchasing detergent.

After sales service and repair?

When searching for cleaning appliances and detergents you need to have a commercial cleaning services provider which offers a wide range of products at a price that is affordable. Check whether they offer after sales service and an on-site repair. This can prove very handy in the event that your appliances break down. Breakdowns can be costly to fix and parts for industrial appliances may not be as readily available as their domestic counterparts. Having a local supplier who is able to service your cleaning appliance will enable you to easily get estimates for repairs and regular servicing.

It is always best to buy quality and durable equipment. Manufacturers such as Nilfisk Alto, Edge and Karcher provide a good range of industrial cleaning appliances with a network of retailers who specialise in providing servicing and repair facilities. Nilfisk offers a wide range of pressure washers for sale. The size of the range means you will be able to select the appliance that best suits your requirements at an affordable price.

Job done

Which manufacturer?

For instance, if you want a good quality pressure cleaner that is compact and available at an economical price then the Nilfisk C100.5-5 is an excellent choice. We have owned one of these machines for a couple of years and it has operated with no problems. We use it for a variety of purposes from cleaning grass cuttings from the lawn mower, car cleaning to keeping the patio free of moss. It is lighweight and easy to store and always starts first time after spending the winter in a cold damp garage.

For cold water high pressure washer cleaning the mid-range Nilfisk Poseidon 5-32PA is well worth considering. At the top of the range is the heavy duty diesel Nilfisk Neptune 5- 51 DE. It is very powerful and that is reflected in its price, but this model is perfect for cleaning areas covered in heavy dirt and grime. You're unlikely ever to have an occasion to need a pressure washer with this much power in a domestic situation but if you do then a local supplier who has heavy duty machinery such as this model available to hire could well prove a godsend.

The German company Karcher also supply a market leading range of industrial cleaning appliances. The success of the company’s range of window vacuum cleaners and high pressure washers have made Karcher the world leader in cleaning technology. In some parts of the world the work ‘Karcher’ is now used as a noun that is synonymous with high pressure cleaning. Take that Hoover.

The Equipment Distributors Group Enterprise (EDGE) is a UK based cleaning services and equipment manufacturer. Known for supplying quality yet affordable products, Edge offers an extensive UK distributor network and now has over 30 years experience in the sector.

Cute but not heavy enough

Better performance and durability

The same attention to detail when seeking pressure washers should be used when seeking other cleaning machinery. If you need a vacuum cleaner then check with your commercial cleaning supplier. Industrial vacuums tend to be heavier, and less colourful than their domestic counterparts. However superior build quality and heavier suction mean that they give a superior performance and in most cases will last longer.

If you're looking for something a little more powerful that the ubiquitous office 'Henry' then Nilfisk have an affordable range of domestic and industrial vacuum cleaners on offer. The same should applies if you are looking for steam cleaners, floor cleaners, scrubbers and floor sweepers.

Look local

The key to finding top quality yet affordable heavy duty cleaning machinery, accessories and after care is by finding the right local commercial cleaning service supplier. Check your local dealers and you will be surprised at what is available.


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    • jgwhite66 profile image

      John Goodwin White 3 years ago from Scotland

      They are often bigger, noisier and usually uglier than domestic appliances but they are built to last. If you can find a local company who sells second hand or refurbished industrial machines then its worthwhile going along to see what is on offer. We sore our cleaning machines in the garage so the ugly factor doesn't matter.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 3 years ago from California

      Never thought of using industrial machines for the home. Well not really never. I guess I forgot my husband brought home an industrial floor cleaner many years ago. It saved me hours on the floor. Thanks for the reminder