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Finding the perfect shabby chic bedroom furniture set...and accessories - part 1

Updated on August 7, 2014

Finding the perfect bedside table...

Furnishing your bedroom is exciting, it gives you the chance to create your style of room. Finding the perfect shabby chic furniture can want something not too vintage nor do you want it too modern.

The image to the right shows a perfect bedside table which ticked all the right boxes. Distressed white wood effect - check, vintage style - check, elegant detailing - check.

This bedside table is ideal for any size bedroom, the one drawer table is perfect for holding any vintage lamp or accessories. Its long, curved legs and detailed body gives off a French feel which all shabby chic lovers will be looking for.

Finding the perfect shabby chic storage...

Matching bedroom sets are perfect for any bedroom, the consistency of the furniture screams elegance.

Alongside the bedside table, a wardrobe and chest of drawers is vital, to the right I have found pieces in the same style and colour, both again ticking all the right boxes. Both pieces have beautiful detailing along the body and have the same distressed wood look - again perfect for that country style bedroom.

Both pieces of furniture finish with gorgeous, scroll legs which again create an elegant touch to the furniture. This set is perfect for a shabby chic style room... to maintain the cottage d├ęcor, its important to team the furniture with the perfect fabric, wallpaper and accessories.


Completing the shabby chic look...

To complete the look, finding the right bed set is important, may it be a thick, cushioned bed throw or a detailed duvet set.

Through the bedding you can add colour and statement to the room, for shabby chic bedrooms, floral and checked patterns are ideal. Cath Kidston is perfect for a variety of patterns and designs to decorate your bedroom, may it be through the wallpaper or the bedding. Light pinks and blues work well in completing the look and add a vintage, yet feminine touch.

Adding accessories will finish off the room, adding decorative bunting is perfect for this style of room, with floral cushions. Try adding lot of different vintage photo frames around the room or adding hangings to the wall - of of this will compliment the shabby chic furniture beautifully.

My Shabby Chic Design...

I have a very feminine, girly taste so my shabby chic bedroom may not be everyone's cup of tea - my room is furnished in white distressed wood, a large amount of floral, fairy lights, cushions and bunting, all of which, for me creates the perfect shabby chic bedroom.

For more shabby chic idea's.. take a look at my shabby chic part 2 hub page, I will be going into accessories in much more detail. Looking at lamps, curtains, rugs and more.

What style do you think completes the shabby chic look?

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