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Finnish Houses: Advantages and Problems

Updated on February 13, 2020
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I like interior design and read many books and articles about great design, styles of interior, homes architecture and other.

Modern building technologies allow you to build private homes in a short time and without serious financial investments. Among the options that are especially popular today is Finnish technology. The so-called Finnish houses are a type of frame buildings that has its own specific features. It is further described what kind of construction method it is, what advantages and disadvantages it is associated with.

Finnish home design
Finnish home design

What houses are called Finnish

Like any other type of frame houses, such buildings are built on the basis of the frame. The main material for the assembly of the frame structure is the beam. This, perhaps, is the most important difference between Finnish houses and, for example, Canadian ones. Metal elements, in this case, are used to a minimum. Basically, these are just fasteners that hold together the frame elements.

To fill the space between the boards, either ready-made sandwich panels or other facing and insulation materials are used. It is clear that the latter is much more difficult to handle, therefore, they mainly use ready-made sandwich panels. They combine strength, good insulating characteristics and a pleasant appearance.

Finnish home
Finnish home

The main advantages of Finnish houses

First of all, among the advantages of Finnish buildings should be called their high speed of construction. Practice shows that the arrangement of such housing requires only a month. During this time, it is possible to erect the building completely.

Also, the most important plus is the low weight of the structure. Since the Finnish house does not create too intense a load on the foundation, the latter can also be facilitated. Therefore, house architecture in the Finnish style will also be inexpensive. Like the whole building in the end.

Among the practical advantages of Finnish buildings, it is worth noting, for example, excellent heat and sound insulation. Due to the excellent insulation performance, Finnish houses are suitable, inter alia, for use in the northern regions, which are far from being the most favorable conditions.

Finally, the relatively low cost of the Finnish home can also be called a serious plus. Because of this, developers are turning to such technology, who want to save as much as possible, but at the same time get a house with excellent qualities.

Finnish houses style
Finnish houses style

What problems do Finnish houses have?

Perhaps the most serious drawback of a Finnish home is its relatively low strength and modest operating period. In principle, a quality-built building will not be able to remain in good condition for more than 25 years.

In general, for the construction of housing an impressive area and with a large number of floors, this technology is not suitable in the best way. It is more appropriate in the construction of small residential buildings, various outbuildings. For example, a summer kitchen or a gazebo.

Finnish houses are objects with good practical indicators. The main thing is that they be correctly erected. And then there is a guarantee that the house will serve with dignity.


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