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Fire Rocks, Stones & Rock Shapes -- Cool Fireplace Accessories

Updated on October 1, 2010

Hot Accessories For Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Fire rocks are an interesting new fire accessory that can be used as both a heating source and a cool decorative accessory. You can use fire rocks to give fire pits, fireplaces, and even fire tables an entirely new look.

What Are Fire Rocks?

Fire rocks are new accessories that can be used in a variety ways. Whether you want a unique heating source or a distinctive design piece, fire rocks are a great choice. Many fire rocks are "pitted" and placed over a can of gel fuel. Other fire rocks can be placed directly into fire pits or fireplaces just like fire logs. There fire balls, fire stones, and fire shapes, and so on. They are considered "vent free" or "ventless" products because they are often used in vent free fireplaces. They are made of fire-proof materials that are prized for being a clean alternative to many traditional fireplace products.

Gel Fuel: An Eco-Friendly Choice

Without having to replace your traditional fireplace and without having to invest in an expensive gel fueled fireplace, you can still warm up your home on the inside or the outside with an environmentally friendly product. Gel fuel is a non-toxic fuel that you can safely burn inside or outside of your home. It is considered a green product because it does not produce any ash or soot. Also, the gel is typically alcohol or ethanol based so it is odorless and smokeless.

A Modern Touch

Traditional fire logs and ceramic wood products are not for everyone. Now, people can choose much more contemporary and modern products. Fire rocks can actually accentuate a homes modern theme, or they can add a very cool, ultra-contemporary touch to a home.

Fire Rocks -- Safety Cautions

Just like fireplaces and fire pits, there are a few things you must be cautious of with fire rocks.

  1. The first thing you must remember is that even though these pieces look more like accessories than fire pits they still get really hot. You should not touch them or pick them up until they have cooled off.
  2. The second thing you must remember is to place them on a surface that is heat-resistant. Again, while they come across as "fashionable accessories" they do get hot, serving as a great heating source as well.
  3. As mentioned earlier, fire rocks are typically fueled by gel fuel cans. Gel fuel is also often used for things like cookouts and camping because it gives off a significant amount of heat. So just like with fire pits, fire tables, or fireplaces, you must place your fire rocks with caution.

Fire Rocks Offer More Placement Options

Unlike many traditional indoor fireplaces which must be built into a wall or outdoor fireplaces which must be placed where they will disperse heat well, fire rocks are like portable fire pits in that they can be placed in many different positions. They can be used outdoors or indoors as long as they are placed on a surface that can stand up to the heat they produce. Many homeowners use them as "torches" to line walkways, patio stairs, and more. They can also be placed in your existing fire pits, fire tables, and fireplaces. Depending on the product you can place them alone, on top of decorative sand, or even on top of another popular fire accessory known as fire glass.

Fire Rock Candles

Fire rock candles are another great product. They are a wonderful accessory that you can use in place of traditional candles. They are a safe product to use inside or outside of your home, producing a small candle flame from wicks that are attached to rock formations. They make great table centerpieces and can be safely placed in other areas that you would otherwise place candles.


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