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Fire-resistant Curtains

Updated on January 10, 2011

I’m on a role, people. I am trying my best to reach 50 hubs this January and things are looking quite good. However, this will be my last hub for today (or is it?) as I am dead tired.

First, let me start by introducing my chosen topic: Fire-resistant Curtains. I have become somewhat of an expert regarding these as I obsessively made safety a top priority in our recently made house. You see, me and my wife are expecting our first baby this March and we wanted nothing less than the safest place our child can grow up to be a wonderful, beautiful and humble person in.

So now, on with the hub.

We all know that curtains and draperies are fire-fueling things. These fabrics catch fire and burn quickly, and it is nearly impossible to stop one from combusting once it gets reached. Fire-retardant curtains, or FR curtains, minimize damage substantially by eliminating natural fuel sources of an already rapidly growing fire. In the end, you save money from damages, and more importantly, you have more time to act on controlling the fire or saving your loved ones.

While creating a totally fireproof curtain can get really expensive, and as a result unpractical, fire-resistance can already do wonders. The two main purposes of fire-resistant fabrics are to prevent fires and minimize fire-related damage.

As for preventing fires, fire-retardant fabrics control unwanted flames by not giving them more stuff and fuel to destroy and feed themselves. If a small fire happens at home, it does not become full-blown if it reaches these fabrics first.

If unluckily the fire started somewhere else, it does not grow bigger if it reaches the flame-retardant curtains, hence minimizing and controlling damage.

What designs am I limited to?

Let me start by saying that normal curtains can be made into FR curtains by purchasing fire-retardant fabric sprays. So to answer the original question, there is really no limiting factor to the look and style of your curtains. FR curtains are also maintained with these chemical sprays because their fire-retardation properties usually have an expiration date.

How do these sprays work?

To keep simple, if a flame comes in contact with a chemical-infused fabric, a chemical reaction which slows down combustion is started. This is not foolproof however, and these will still catch fire especially if we are talking about strong ones, as these are not fireproof.

I’m sold, where should I start?

The first thing you should look for are FR sprays. Below are some you can try that are safe and are being sold from major retailers. The ones below are sold by

You can also look at real FR curtains from major curtain suppliers. For starters you can search for Curtains Direct and Factory Direct Drapes online. They have fire-retardant curtain categories.


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    • whitton profile image

      whitton 7 years ago

      Great Hub. I never knew that they made fire resistant curtains.