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Baby Fireplace Gates - Protective Child Proof Fire Safety Hearth Gate

Updated on February 17, 2012

If you have young children then you want your home to be a happy and safe place for them to live and play in. You also want them to be snug and warm which can become a dilemma when your home is heated by a hot open fire, wood or pellet burning stove etc. These present a burn hazard to babies and toddlers in particular which is why many parents choose to be safe rather than sorry by child proofing their hearth and investing in a baby fireplace gate. Even when not in use, a raised hearth has sharp edges which can cause cuts, bumps and more serious injuries if a child falls on them. Baby proofing with something like the Kidco fireplace gate blocks off this area entirely to keep your children safe and give you peace of mind also.

Recommended Fireplace Safety Gates For Children

Kidco G70-24 24" Gate Extension Gates, Child Safety
Kidco G70-24 24" Gate Extension Gates, Child Safety

If you need to extend the area you can block off then these extra sections for the KidCo child proof fence easily connect to an existing panel to lengthen it.


What Is A Fireplace Safety Gate

Protecting your baby, toddler or younger children from burns and other mishaps is the smart thing to do. A toddler fireplace fence forms a protective barrier between your young ones and the scalding surface of a wood burning stove or the flames and hot embers of a lit or cooling down indoor fire but is equally useful to have around for summer barbecues, firepits and chimineas to keep your children safe from harm. A protective child safety gate barrier for a fireplace also guards against those rough and sharp edges on raised hearths preventing hard knocks and bumps.

Not to be confused with a fireplace screen, which is liable in itself to become another hazard for younger babies trying to pull themselves up on unstable things of this kind, these freestanding of fixed babyproof fences fit around the hearth presenting a rigid barrier cage through which your child will not be able to pass. Some feature a built in childproof gate, so an adult can pass through and tend to whatever is enclosed whilst others are meant purely as a protective barrier.

As no one size is going to be the right shape and fit all areas they are comprised of several barred metal panels which lock together to fit all sizes of enclosures. You can also buy extra extension panels if you need a wide baby fireplace barrier to cover a particularly wide area or fully enclose a deck barbecue.

Babyproofing anything doesn't mean you have to give up on your style and décor of course. Most hearth gates for child proofing a fireplace are tastefully designed to fit in with your existing home décor and will not clash with existing styles.

How To Buy A Fire Safety Gate System

The first thing you will need to do is measure the area which you are going to be protecting and ensure you get the right sized toddler fireplace gate for your requirements. They're not all the same size, but if you do need a larger width, then some do come with extension panels you can buy to get the right fit. Do ensure you measure a good distance out from the area you are trying to enclose. Remember, you are trying to create a rigid sturdy childproof enclosure around a hazardous area and that's not going to work if they can reach through the bars and touch what you are trying to cover up!

Find something which fits in with your existing style so that it doesn't look like it is out of place. Just because you are baby proofing doesn't mean you need to give up on style. If your grate and accessories are decked out in black wrought iron, then you would be better off looking at baby gates with black bars rather than brass safety gates or white ones. There are options out there so don't feel stuck with the first thing you see of with what your local store has one offer. The range is bigger online and will often come with free shipping too.

You want to find something which is sturdy and isn't going to be easily knocked over, or otherwise bypassed by small children. These types of protective hearth gates for kids are generally wall mounted making a sturdy baby proof indoor fence around the hazardous areas although some are also self-standing. Most are made from metal bars although rigid plastic and coated metals are also used.

Recommended toddler proof fireplace gates for those looking for the best hearth guard for babies will depend on your personal needs. KidCo fireplace hearth gates are always recommended as both a good brand and a great product. They produce an extendable baby hearth guard which allows you to buy extra panels to fit all sized areas, no matter how large or awkward. The North States Superyard Metal 3 in 1 is another excellent purchase which can be used as a baby barricade in a variety of situations or a freestanding enclosed play area if you choose.


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