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Fireplace Screens, Huge Selection of Screens

Updated on February 13, 2011

Theirs nothing like the glow from the fireplace when the fire is crackling. But just because it looks beautiful their is always a need for safety, especially with little ones running around the house or the tempting glow of the fireplace. Now you can use a fireplace screen to help keep those fire sparks in and the kids out.

Even if you don't need it for those reasons then you can use it for a decorative look to the fireplace. Their are so many to choose from that will fit any theme in your house.

Fireplace Screens For Sale Online

Looking for a fireplace screen but nothing real fancy then you may be interested in this, Panacea 3-Panel Oak-Leaf Fireplace Screen.  It's a 3 panel screen that is a nice powder coated metal.  This screen is very sturdy the only down fall to it is the leafs and branches stick out a little bit.

Panacea Fire Place Screens

Looking for a not so fancy fireplace screen that still blocks the sparks from the fire. This is a perfect 3 panel screen that will go with pretty much and decor in your house. This fireplace screen has great reviews on how sturdy it is and how well it's made. So take a look at this screen, it's perfect for any budget.

Fireplace Glass Doors

If you don't like the look of the screen and want to still see the whole fire put be protected from it them you should look at the glass fireplace doors. This specific model fits masonry fireplace openings 30in. to 37in. wide and 25 1/2in. to 32 1/2in. high. This is great because it has a flow vent for heat to enter the house and it helps reduce heat loss by 90%. So that means less spent on your utility bills.

Fireplace Mesh Screen

This is a great antique looking scrren for your fireplace that will go perfect with anyone looking for the antique look in their living room. This makes a perfect house warming gift for someone you know or yourself. The quality is very good on this product with lots of people very impressed with it. Right now amazon is having a huge sale on it so take a look it doesn't hurt to look.


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