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How to Get a Great First Apartment

Updated on December 11, 2008
Apartment for rent. (Photo by David Lat)
Apartment for rent. (Photo by David Lat)

Your first apartment will be an exciting adventure; almost everyone wants to live on their own! But where do you start? How do you find a roommate? What should you look for? Will you be safe?

This series of hubs is a list of red flags, requirements, questions to ask, and other things for which you should be on the lookout! It's important to be careful, but it's also important to enjoy the process. After all, your first can only happen once!

Who to Live With

Who to Live With discusses, well, who to live with! There are so many things to consider. And while you may think you know absolutely all the questions to ask and factors to keep in mind, if it's your first apartment you're probably missing some big pieces!

This section outlines specific questions to ask, a list of what not to forget, and places to look for roommates should you choose not to live with a friend.

Money Matters

Money Matters helps you to ensure that you will not ruin your credit or start out on a bad foot with your first apartment. While you should ask questions of your landlord, your realtor, your parents, you also need to know the basics when looking for an apartment. Start with Money Matters, which will show you all the things you need to remember before you sign your first lease.

Where to Look

Where to Look will explain the different options you have in renting an apartment. You may have no idea where to start, but you may have a good idea of you want. Want to sublet? Here are the pros and cons, as well as how to do it. Want your name on the lease? Here is where to go to ensure you get the best "bang" for your buck. Have no idea? This hub will explain it all.

Setting Up

Setting Up helps you customize your new home. This is the fun part! And while you may think you can do this one yourself, I cover the things you absolutely must have when you move in, the things you might want to forego, and how to distinguish between the two. Plus I give you some tricks to maximize your space without spending more money than necessary.

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    • pratoocool profile image

      Neha 6 years ago

      Great hub helenathegreat, Keep it up.

    • profile image 6 years ago

      Good point when looking for an apartment there are a lot you must consider such as location to work and public transit very nice hub.

    • cpennington profile image

      cpennington 6 years ago from Washington

      Great job! I am looking forward to moving to the Bay Area soon, this is very useful!

    • westside1 profile image

      westside1 8 years ago from Santa Monica

      Great job helena! You really did a good job explaining what it takes to move in to a place. Check our hub and our website at . We help people search for places to rent.

    • awsydney profile image

      awsydney 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Hi Helena, great hub! I love buying apartments and this is certainly great info. Check out my hubs and also my site

      Have a great day!

    • profile image

      Marilynn 9 years ago

      these tips were awesome..thank you so very much!

    • helenathegreat profile image

      helenathegreat 9 years ago from Manhattan

      Thanks, Solorya! I'll go look at your hub right now!

    • Solorya profile image

      Solorya 9 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great tips! I have a hub that helps goes hand in hand with your advice and give tips for what furniture and other items you need when first getting your own place--check it out!