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Five Best Coffee Makers

Updated on February 7, 2011

Five Best Coffee Maker Reviews

Here’s a brief review of the five most popular coffee makers. They share these features:

1) Fast coffee in 2 to 15 minutes

2) Automatic shut-off

3) No “burned”or overbrewed coffee

4) All programmable but one

5) Easy clean-up

6) All less than $90

Drip Coffee Makers

The five are:

1) Cuisinart Central 12-cup Coffee Maker

2) Black & Decker Brew ‘n Go

3) Mr Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker

4) Cuisinart Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker

5) Cuisinart Programmable 14-Cup Coffee Maker

Cuisinart 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker.

The DCC-1200 12-cup coffee maker is by far the most popular drip coffee maker. It’s been around for years and has earned its badge as dependable. It’s official designation is Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker.

Here's the main features of this coffee maker:

1) 1 to 4 or 5 to 12 cup brewing option

2) Warming plate has low, medium and high setting

3) Charcoal water filter

4) Easy to clean

5) Programmable, so coffee is ready when you’re ready

Great Water Makes Great Coffee

This cuisinart coffeemaker goes “Beep! Beep! Beep!” when your coffee is done, which is a good feature when you’re busy doing something else. You don’t need to keep poking your head in the kitchen to see if it’s done.

This stainless steel coffee maker is famed for brewing hot and good coffee, and that’s important for coffee drinkers who add cream to their coffee. The timer is easy to operate. The warming plate has a low, medium and high setting.

Every coffee drinker knows that great water makes great coffee. That makes this coffee maker ideal because the charcoal water filter removes chlorine, calcium, odor, snails, frogs and other  beasties that might come from your tap to ruin your brew.

Stainless Steel Design

That means a smooth cup of coffee. It won’t taste like you’ve just drank swimming pool water. You definitely get “sweet” water with this coffeemaker.

In addition, the carafe pour spout is designed well which means no more spills on the saucer.

An indicator light tells you when it’s time to run a solution of water-vinegar to de-calcify your machine. Neat! Clean is what keeps your coffee water “sweet.” Easy to clean and simple.

Proof it Brews Coffee Well

The stainless steel design fits itself well within any kitchen décor.

Directions are a cinch to understand. If you want to program coffee at 7 am, you get your coffee at 7am. It’s a sturdy and well-designed coffee maker, and its many years on the market proves that it brews coffee well.

Toasters and Coffee

I love eating lightly buttered warm bread from the toaster while sipping hot coffee. My favorite is the round, freshly baked artisan loaves made with tasty whole grains and crunchy seeds sprinkled on top. The problem is that these long slices of bread don’t fit in the typical toaster. So one must find the best toaster for the job.

The T-Fal 4 slice toaster is the best toaster to brown artisan bread and round sourdough loaf slices perfectly. It has long slots, displays a digital countdown as the bread toasts and holds the bread down in the slots to keep your toast warm while you boot the kids out of bed.

Other toaster selections are available at the link. Please check it out if toast with coffee is your cup of tea at breakfast.

Black & Decker Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker

Use When Speed is Critical

Fast Coffee in Two Minutes

This single cup coffee maker is fast. Two minutes and you’re out the door and zipping down the road. The official designation for this coffee maker is Black & Decker DCM18S Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug

Here are the best features of the 1 cup coffee maker by Black & Decker:

1) Fast. Coffee in two minutes

2) Doesn’t cost much - less than $20

3) Brews one very large cup of coffee.

4) Automatic shut-off after the coffee is brewed

5) Travel mug so you can “Brew ‘n Go.”

The 2 Minute Sprint

If this is you...

Alarm rings the third time. Oh, gosh! I’ve overslept. I’ve got 20 minutes to shower, brush my teeth, dress, feed the dog, make coffee and get on the road to work.

God inspired someone at Black & Decker to make the Brew ‘n Go coffee maker just for you. Time it:

Shower - 6 minutes.
Brush teeth - 1 minute.
Feed dog - 1 minute
Dress - 10 minutes.
Make coffee - 2 minutes

Done! Mission accomplished.

Out the Door With Steaming Coffee

And you’re out the door and on the road with a steaming big cup of hot coffee. What more could you ask for, except maybe mom cooing that “It’s time to wake up, darling.” With pancakes, syrup and coffee waiting on the breakfast table.

There’s no pot to clean - the coffee goes straight in the mug.

The 15oz travel mug sports a rubber-coated handle, non-skid bottom and it wraps its polished stainless steel mittens around the coffee molecules to keep them hot. It’s even comfortable to hold. The lid makes carrying it around easy and you won’t dribble coffee all over when drinking.

Watch Out, Mr. Zippy

No messing with paper filters. It has a reusable filter that makes one cup - fast, hot and good. Rinse the filter and you’re ready for cup No. 2.

The only drawback is that it’s not programmable. You’ll need to buy a separate timer if you want coffee waiting after sliding out of bed.

If you need to be revved up and shifting into fourth gear as you go out the house, this personal coffee maker delivers. Pop up from bed. Hit the brew button. And out the door. Watch out, Mr. Zippy.

It’s a great value for the money. For the price of a few Starbucks coffees, this 1 cup coffee maker pays for itself. Ideal for the office, too.

Juice with Your Coffee

When speed is critical, today’s juicer can crank out quarts of clear, seedless juice without breaking a sweat. For example, the Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain can make you an 8 oz. glass of fresh apple juice in 5 seconds. That’ll give you a healthy and “good” sugar drink to get your day started right.

If it’s pineapple juice you crave, stuff in a few slices - rind, core and all. In 5 seconds you have a big glass of pineapple juice.

Please check out the best juicer reviews here. There’s one to satisfy every taste and budget.

The Only 4 Cup Coffee Maker With a Timer

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

This 4 cup coffee maker is another speedster, brewing 4 cups in 5 minutes. The official designation for this coffee maker is Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Here are the best features of the Mr. Coffee 4 cup coffee maker:

1) Brews 4 cups in 5 minutes

2) Inexpensive - about $20

3) Can preset timer for coffee in the morning

4) Warmer shuts off in two hours

Only 4 Cup Coffee Maker With a Timer

This is the only 4 cup coffee maker with a timer. After the coffee is brewed, the warmer shuts off after 2 hours, preventing over cooked coffee. Just hit the start button and it will warm your coffee.

This 4 cup coffee maker will brew 20 ozs. of coffee. That’s enough for two large mugs in the morning or a large travel mug while on the road.

Looks good and makes a great cup of coffee.

To summarize, the price of this coffee maker is right. It makes the perfect amount of coffee for a travel mug or thermos. It stays hot for 2 hours before automatically shutting off. This is the only 4 cup coffee maker with a timer. If you want the timer, don’t bother with other 4 cup coffee makers. Get this one.

Best Waffle Maker

Waffles with coffee has become standard fare at the American breakfast table. Some people love thin and crispy waffles from their waffle maker. Others find life incomplete without an airy and light Belgian waffle topped with syrup and strawberries for Sunday breakfast.

The best waffle makers are fast and bake thin waffles, fluffy waffles, crispy waffles or airy waffles and some even control browning with precision controls. That way each person gets a waffle done exactly to taste.

This Carafe Keeps Coffee Molecules Excited & Hot

Your Best Big Coffee Buddy

This coffee maker is your best big coffee buddy. It gives you 12 cups of coffee in 10 minutes. The official designation for this coffee maker is the Cuisinart DTC-975 Programmable Auto Brew 12-Cup Coffee Maker.

Here are the best features of this Cuisinart Coffee Maker:

1) Brews 12 cups of coffee in 10 minutes

2) The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot and fresh hours after brewing

3) Hit “pause” and pour a cup of coffee while it’s brewing

4) Coffee is never “cooked” to bitter

5) Saves electricity

Coffee Stays Hot Fresh For Hours

This 12 cup Cuisinart coffee maker has an informal name: No electricity needed for hot coffee. The official designation for this coffee maker is Cuisinart DTC-975 Programmable Auto Brew 12-Cup Coffee Maker.

Let’s get serious. Suppose you were stranded on a desert island with but one outlet and allowed only 10 minutes of electricity a day. And you needed 12 cups of hot coffee each day or you’d die. Well, this Cuisinart coffee maker would save your life.

This coffee maker brews the 12 cups of coffee straight into a thermal carafe. Like the coffee maker mentioned above, the thermal carafe wraps its little stainless steel mittens around the coffee molecules and keeps them excited and hot all day. Depending upon where you set it, the coffee will remain fresh and hot for 3 to 8 hours.

Push the Pause Button

Can’t wait? Push the pause (I call it the panic button) button, pour a cup and then let the coffee maker finish it’s job. It automatically shuts off when the coffee is done. Then just pour and enjoy all day long.

The stainless steel carafe eliminates the need for a warming plate. This negates any over-cooked or “burned” coffee caused by warming plates.

And since you don’t need a warming plate, you’re also saving energy. That means a smaller electricity bill.

Coffee Stays Hot and Fresh For Hours

Plus, it’s easy to clean and is programmable.

This is the most worry-free coffee maker of this group. Set the timer. The coffee is brewed. It automatically shuts off. Then it stays warm for hours without electricity.

Here’s a money and water-saving tip for coffee that stays hot for many hours:

First, warm the water in a kettle. Pour into the carafe. After the carafe is warm, pour the water back in the kettle for use tomorrow. Now make your coffee.

This coffee maker is about 16 inches tall so make sure it fits under your cabinets. This stainless steel carafe will look good in any kitchen design.

Pans, Skillets and Griddles for Breakfast

Nothing says Sunday breakfast better than a big fat omelet, hash brown potatoes and coffee. For the perfect omelet, you need a good skillet, griddle or pan. The choices are endless.

We picked out five different skillets and pans under this criteria:

1) Must cost under $50

2) Must have a four star rating or better

3) Must have 100 reviews or more

Check out pans, skillets and pans for breakfast here.

Cuisinart's Eyeball-Popping 14 Cup Coffee Maker

Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Hang onto your eyeballs because this Cuisinart coffee maker gives you brewing options. The official designation for this recommended coffee maker is Cuisinart DCC-2600 Brew Central 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe

Here are the best features of this Cuisinart coffee maker:

1) Makes 14 cups of coffee in 15 minutes

2) Black and silver design that’s sleek

3) Regular and bold coffee settings

4) Easily viewable water level gauge

5) Light alert for when it needs cleaning

6) Programmable

Bold Coffee is Very Bold

A must buy for serious coffee lovers. The temperature of the coffee is very hot. The water is easy to pour into the tank. The coffee pours from the glass carafe at just the right flow, too - not fast enough to splash but not slow enough to grow a beard. We like that and we’re just getting started.

You have brewing options. This coffee maker has a brew strength control - regular and bold - and it works. In bold, the water drips more slowly over the coffee grounds to give it a stronger and fuller flavor. Bold is very bold, while regular is not weak.

The water level guide is on the outside of the unit. So whether you want 8, 10 or 14 cups, it’s bulls eye accurate. It brews about one cup per minute, so figure about 10 minutes for 10 cups.

This is another set and forget Cuisinart coffee maker.

One Wipe and it's Clean

Set the timer. In the 10 minutes to shower, dry off and throw on your bathrobe, your coffee is ready and calling you.

It also has the customary automatic timer so when you crawl from bed and step in the kitchen, 14 cups of delicious coffee wait to greet you.

The warming plate is easy to turn on to heat up leftover coffee. Controls are up front and easy to use. The low, medium and high temperature knob allows you to keep the coffee at the temp you like.

Cleaning it is easy. A light alerts you when your coffee maker needs a cleaning and there’s a control to start that cleaning.

Looks good. The black and silver is classy.

The carafe is solid and doesn’t drip when pouring. So you’ll save on paper towels and swearing. The stainless steel surface is easy to clean - one wipe and it’s clean.

You may like this coffee maker so much that you’ll give it a pet name. Has a three year warranty.


Whether you sip the occasional cup of coffee or you consume so much coffee that you’re listed on the New York Stock Exchange, there’s a coffee maker here for everyone.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Cuisinart is a nightmare. They are hard to pour water into and they spill when you pour your coffee into the cup.

    • thecarrot808 profile image


      9 years ago from Los Angeles

      You've got some great and informative hubs here. I really enjoyed reading this one. Keep writing! =D

    • profile image

      Mike Chronos 

      9 years ago

      I have to say I am more of a fan of the single cup coffee makers. They make it so easy to put just the right amount of your favorite coffee into the pod and brew a fresh cup each time. Great hub!


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