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Five Best Garden Sprayers.

Updated on April 7, 2016

Of all my gardening tools I love my garden sprayer. Once you have one you just can't seem to manage without one. I use my garden sprayer either early in the morning or late evening time. You know that time when your out looking for all those garden bugs that will either eat or destroy your leaves or flowers. Taking your garden sprayer out with you and just giving your plants a quick spray will make sure that green and black fly or caterpillars are quickly eradicated.

Tending a garden requires commitment and dedication, but by having a garden sprayer at your disposal you can make light work of many gardening jobs. They even say that talking to your plants while you’re watering them will make them flourish. Among the things your plants require you to do, is prune them, weed them, and feed and water them. For small gardens you can use a garden sprayer for aphid control or spraying them with water or feed. If you make sure you do all of these on a regular basis you will have good and healthy plants and a garden to be proud of.

Some of the things you should have to assist you in your gardening are gardening trowels, gardening spades, pruners, garden hoses and other tools. Garden sprayers also very handy to have as they will do a variety of jobs. Even though you already have garden hoses to water your plants, garden sprayers are still somehow different because of the pressurized containers that allow them to squirt out and spray aphids and greenfly and dirt off flowers and foliage. Apart from that you will need one when you want to spray pesticides to your infested plants on a large scale. You also need them when spraying liquid fertilizers to your plants.

Garden sprayers come in many forms and sizes. When picking one, consider the size of your garden. Don’t pick a big sprayer if your garden is only small. Remember that you’ll be carrying it around while spraying around your garden. Also, pick a sprayer with durable containers that can resist abrasions and punctures. If you’ll be using the sprayer to apply fertilizer or insecticides, you might as well pick the one that has transparent tank to enable you to see if the chemical is evenly mixed with water within the container. Or, choose the one that has level meter on it. Here are some great garden sprayers for you to choose from that are guaranteed to make plant fertilizing, sanitizing and watering a lot more fun.

Solo 1-Liter Piston Pump One-Hand Pressure Sprayer 418

This is a great garden sprayer for those with smaller gardens. This garden sprayer is just the right size to carry with just enough water for a small line of garden plants. It’s very convenient because it is lightweight and it has got an easy grip styled handle and a transparent container.

You can use this for different purposes, whether you’re planning to spray on some fertilizer or pesticides on your plants or just simply cleaning the dust off their leaves. It features Vitan seals that resist the effects of chemicals so it very durable so will last a long time.

This garden sprayer is also tough and is resist to punctures. It’s drip-proof so you can carry on with your garden maintenance without the mess. The featured relief valve serves as a vent for excess pressure within the sprayer container to add to your convenience. Highly recommende.

Gilmour 2000P Premium 2-Gallon Traditional Sprayer, Teal

For those with bigger gardens, you can choose this garden sprayer that’s big enough to contain a couple of gallons. It’s made of high quality polyethylene material that resists abrasives and punctures.

The material is also UV resistant so it can be used safely under the sun without the danger of the material getting weaker or brittle. This garden sprayer is translucent which allows you to see the level of its content.

The wide mouth is nearly 4 inches in diameter and this allows you to fill it up easily as well as cleaning it with no difficulty. It also features Vitan seals that allows it to withstand the effects of chemicals. With the package comes an 18-inch rotating brass wand with an adjustable nozzle for spraying on smaller areas.

Stanley 61804N Professional Backpack Poly 4-Gallon Sprayer

Here’s a bigger garden sprayer for those with greater spraying needs. This sprayer can contain as much as 4 gallons. You can use it for water, liquid fertilizer or insect repellant because it is specially designed for versatility.

It features an internal valve which allows you to regulate the pressure between 15 PSI and 60 PSI. With this, you can easily reach every plant covered nook and cranny of your garden. Along with the sprayer comes a poly wand with an adjustably poly tip and a brass nozzle.

It’s also very convenient to use and you can use it while you are propped up on the ground or while it is on your back because this sprayer comes with padded shoulder straps. It is also designed in such a way as to make pumping easy for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Chapin 61800N Professional 4 - Gallon Backpack Poly Sprayer

The Chapin 61800N Professional 4 - Gallon Backpack Poly Sprayer is another powerful garden sprayer with a pressure regulating valve on the inside that allows you to adjust the spray pressure from 15 PSI to 60 PSI. This gives you more reach, focus and control when it comes to spraying your plants with water, liquid fertilizer or insect repellent.

This garden sprayer has a 4-inch wide mouth that makes it easy for you to fill it up or clean. With the package also come the cone, fan and brass nozzles for your different spraying needs and preferences. This garden sprayer also comes with padded shoulder straps so you can easily carry it without hurting your shoulders as you go around spraying every plant and nook of your garden. Have fun with easier garden spraying by this Chapin sprayer.

Tahoe Backpack Garden/Lawn/Weed/Pest Sprayer 4 Gal Gallon

This 4-gallon garden sprayer pressurizes fast for effective spraying. You can use this for several liquid forms like water, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. It’s transparent so it’s easy to keep track of the contents and to see whether they are properly mixed (in the case of diluted mixtures).

The container is made of tough polyethylene that resists damages such as abrasions and punctures. This sprayer has a wide mouth that makes it easy for filling as well as cleaning.

It also has a built-in strainer that filters solid matters. It includes a lengthy trigger wand that can work easily with a lock. Adding to the convenience are the padded shoulder straps that make it easy for you to carry this around while focusing on the spraying job.


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