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Gardening Gloves For Men - Superior Hand Protection.

Updated on April 7, 2016

Garden gloves are a great accessor and every gardener should have at least one pair. You need a good pair of gardening gloves when gardening for doing some rough garden maintenance, so those of you who like digging with garden tools, pruning, pulling out the weeds, taking out thorns bushes and using chemicals will be used to wearing garden gloves. You also have to do all these jobs regardless of the weather. Because your hands are the ones doing most of the jobs you need to protect them in the best way possible. During such hard work you need a pair of good gardening gloves that can give them protection. Even when you work inside your greenhouse it is best to use garden gloves.

You’ll need the right gardening gloves for handling tools, for protecting you against weeds and for when you use chemicals and for protecting you against the cold weather.

For general purpose, gardening gloves made of cotton are okay and they’re quite comfortable too. However for digging and using your fingers in the soil, then get yourself a pair of rubber or waterproof pvc gloves. For rougher jobs such as pruning and sawing, heavy-duty leather garden gloves are a good choice.

You can also use these during cold weather because they do well in keeping you warm. If you’re going to use chemicals like weed killers, pesticides and fertilizers that can harm your skin, the right choice will be neoprene or nitrile. These also work well in protecting your hands from poisonous plants such as the ivy. Choose the right pair for what you need them for.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves.
Nitrile gloves.

Atlas NT370 Nitrile Garden and Work Gloves, Green Apple, Small

More durable than leather, these nitrile gardening gloves are good for dealing with harmful chemicals and poisonous plants. Despite the superb protection from harmful substances and punctures, these gloves offer comfort due to their breathable construction. They’re great for use even during the hot days and won’t give you that yucky feeling of wet and hot hands. These gardening gloves are also ergonomically shaped and have just the right thickness to allow flexibility and feeling. They allow you to feel what you’re doing as if you were wearing something like a second-skin. Now that’s superb protection for hands with tough jobs. Plus, these gloves are also easy to clean. They’re machine washable so you can keep them squeaky clean and use them over and over again. So say goodbye to blisters and chemical burns by getting some nitrile gardening gloves now.

Ideal gardening gloves for Men

Charcoal Mens garden Glove
Charcoal Mens garden Glove

West County 019CHM Men's Work Glove, Charcoal

Because a real gardener has to have a stock of different gloves for different purposes and weathers, here’s something to add to your collection. This charcoal pair of gloves is made of , Palm: 70% nylon 30% PU, Back: 96% Recycled polyester, 4% PU Thumb: 65% polyester, 35% cotton Wrist: 50% viscose rayon, 30% polyester, 20%PU

They are machine-washable so you can easily keep them clean for years of use. The neoprene cuff with the velcro fastener cushions the wrists while keeping the dirt away. This way, you avoid those annoying instances of getting dirt inside your gloves. These gloves also feature internal hand protection to keep your hands safe. Inside, there are knuckle guards to keep your knuckles safe from friction due to work and the fingernail guards keep your nails safe against cracks.

Men's Magic Garden Glove

A highly rated men's garden glove.
A highly rated men's garden glove.

Magid ROC40T-LThe ROC Rayon Made from Bamboo Collection Nitrile Gloves, Mens.

Here’s something really especially for men. These gloves are for those with tough jobs that require superior protection and they’re not called Magic for nothing. They feature intelligent anatomical relief pads that allow you to grip certain things like gardening tools and weeds securely without putting too much strain on your hands. The web areas in between the fingers and the motion zones for the knuckles help your fingers move more comfortably while preventing them from getting scratched by friction. At the thumb and fingertips are silicone material to keep your hands and nails protected from thorn pricks and other harmful things with which your fingers will come in contact first. The neoprene cuff cushions your wrist and fastens snugly so you don’t get dirt inside them while you’re at your busiest. With a pair of these, you can just keep up with hours and hours in your garden.

Classic Men's gardening Glove

Men's garden Gloves.
Men's garden Gloves.

Bionic Men's Classic Gardening Gloves

Here’s another one, and this time, it’s the gents’ turn. These gloves are made from cabretta leather that effectively protects hands from rough objects. Like the bionic gloves for women, these Bionic Men's Classic Gardening Gloves feature anatomical relief pads that allow you to grip things securely with little effort. They have web and knuckle areas that allow you to move your hands freely while being protected from too much friction. The neoprene cuff and fastening also fits well to prevent the dirt from entering while keeping your wrist supported. And despite the popular notion that leather gardening gloves are quite bulky to compensate for the protection they provide, these gloves feel otherwise and allow you to feel what you’re doing for added comfort. They’re easy to clean too; just rinse them after use and you’re done.

Ideal for gardening where you have a lot of mud

mud garden gloves
mud garden gloves

The Mud Glove 737a24

True to their name, these gloves will put up with the muddiest work. These are highly durable and waterproof and can even be used in other garden tasks involving tools, weeds and thorns.

These gloves offer superb protection and comfort with its seamless material and curved fingers. They can promote movement so you can move your fingers smoothly and with ease. These are also good for those with joint problems but just can’t stay away from their garden.

The stretchy cuff is knitted so that it fits snugly around the wrist and effectively keeps the soil and dirt away from your palms. They are of low maintenance too as you can easily wash them with your hand or with a washing machine after use.


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