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Five Best Kitchen Curtains

Updated on November 9, 2010

You can use kitchen curtains to do more than decorate a window - the right pair will lift the entire room. Valances and panels that have been chosen for the their quality and appeal will always give a more pleasing finish to a room than something chosen with half an eye or worse - leaving the window completely undressed.

Cafe curtains and window draps frame windows, attract the eye and enhance kitchen design.A popular design are those that look great in a country kitchen, or the type that give the kitchen the feel of a stylish diner or restaurant.

Whether you want to create a warm, inviting look or something more upbeat and stylish, the five best kitchen valances and panels are featured below - chosen for their popularity, value for money and appeal.

Apple Orchard Kitchen Curtain - Insert Valance
Apple Orchard Kitchen Curtain - Insert Valance

Apple Orchard Kitchen Curtain - Insert Valance

This Apple Orchard Kitchen Curtain Valence works beautifully in a country kitchen is and is the the best selling kitchen curtains on the market. Each curtain is 100% polyester, giving them an easy care aspect. They're a delightfully fresh looking design and would be a great choice for those with an apple décor style of kitchen

There's a matching panel that can be bought separately and for the price, it's more than affordable as a means of finishing the look. These are delightful to look at, whimsical yet practical and for less than ten dollars, a steal.

Cheers Chef Insert Valance Kitchen Curtains
Cheers Chef Insert Valance Kitchen Curtains

Cheers Chef Insert Valance Kitchen Curtains

This Cheers Chef Kitchen Curtain is a white kitchen curtain that has cute little chefs printed along the edging. They're extremely appealing and certainly add a lot of cheer, not just to the window but the entire room. They're a 65/35% poly-cotton blend - easy to pop in the laundry and come out looking good as new.

The curtain top has a standard pocket for the rod, making them simple to hang and the valance measures 60" and 12" drop. There's a matching tier and valance available and again - at less than ten dollars, you're windows will look beautifully dressed with the complete set.

Adirondack Kitchen Curtain - Valance - Ecru/Toast

This is a lovely set of kitchen curtains - they look just as attractive in a country kitchen as they do in one with a real vinatge feel to it. The natural color used to dye them allows them to be matched with a whole range of wall colors and they're 100% cotton. Fully machine washable, they've got a good heavy feel to them and hand beautifully.

The valance and tiers are sold separately and once all the pieces are in place, the little details, such as the 3" crochet border really add to the look of a window that looks far more expensive than it really is. Extremely affordable kitchen window coverings - a good quality set that will suit anyone on a budget.


Sunnyside Sunflowers - Swag (pr) SHEER Kitchen Curtain

If you want to add a little sunshine a good feeling to your kitchen then the Sunnyside style are the kitchen curtains for you. Bright, cheerful and so perfect for a sunflower themed kitchen, they add a gorgeously fresh touch to any room. The sunflowers are delightful and the yellow edging a lovely finishing touch.

There's a matching tier and valance available separately and completing the look will be nothing short of eye-catching. Fully machine washable 100% polyester, this set bought together will definitely create a happy, sunshine filled kitchen.

Daisy Tab Top Curtain

If you're looking for pure charm and whimsy in your kitchen curtains, the ever popular light and summery Daisy set will suit. This is a hugely popular curtain set and the one that many home owners are using in their kitchens and laundry rooms. Appealing, fresh and great looking, there's nothing quite so delicate and pretty as the daisy chain along the curtain.

The full set is sold separately but once you've purchased the collection and dressed your window, you won't be disappointed. The white border perfectly compliments their rural appeal and the embroidered daisies and center buttons are a lovely finishing touch. Fun and delightful, and available in three sizes.


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    Jim Ochoa 6 years ago

    Very helpful tips. I am thinking of using this to this pretty website I own

  • profile image

    yegafx 6 years ago

    hi this is interesting curtain for a kitchen I love it, hope I want to have it for my kitchen

  • RichardCMckeown profile image

    RichardCMckeown 6 years ago

    Definitely true, katie54321.

  • katie54321 profile image

    katie54321 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

    I think that what makes a kitchen curtain "best" is ease of care and washability. They're going to be exposed to grease, oil, food and odors so you want to keep them clean.