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Five Must Have Woodworking Tools for your Workshop

Updated on May 15, 2012

No woodworking shop is complete without the right tools. While many specialty tools can provide you with solutions to specific woodworking projects, they aren’t really an integral part of your overall collection. Whether you’re looking to start a woodworking shop or just want to add a few tools to your tool collection, then these five must-have woodworking tools will be the most important set of tools you ever buy.

Joinery Hand Tools

One of the best ways to get a tight fit is by making the cut by hand. Joinery tools like a coping saw, chisel and dovetail saws are essential joinery tools that should be a part of any woodworking shop. Many times, joinery hand tools come in sets, making an instant joinery woodworking set instantly available in one easy to find place. Be sure joinery hand tools like chisels stay their sharpest by using a whetstone before each use.

Compound Beveled Miter Saw

This must-have woodworking tool is essential to every shop owner who’s looking to do any serious woodworking. With a double compound miter capability, a bevel that goes to at least 52 degrees both left and right and a sliding radial arm saw-like setup, you can cut just about any woodworking project with ease. When purchasing a miter saw, stay away from unnecessary bells and whistles like laser guides. Focus more on options like the cutting height, ease of operations and motor output to get the best bang for your buck when purchasing any miter saw. A folding miter saw stand is a perfect addition for any woodworking workshop that’s a little tight on space. Simply fold up the stand when not in use or bring it outdoors when it’s too nice of a day to be indoors.


No woodworking workshop is complete without plenty of clamps. Various sized bar clamps, bench dogs and pipe clamps are all a necessary part of many woodworking projects, especially when it requires the materials to be glued together. Without clamps, an inferior bond will form between your project, making the joint brittle and weak. Clamps can also help hold materials while working on them with other tools like sanders and jigsaws.


Sanding tools are perfect for completing any fine woodworking details to a perfect smooth finish. Whether it’s as simple as a handheld sanding block or as complex as an orbital sander you can be sure that these important finishing tools are used for almost any project that requires a smooth edge. Any woodworking shop with plenty of sanding equipment benefits from plenty of ventilation and a sawdust collection vacuum system.


Once you’ve done all of the cutting, gluing and sanding, you’ve got to finish your project using the right sealants, paints and stains. Be sure to buy the finest paintbrushes and finishing hand tools as these produce the best results. Opting out for cheaper handheld painting tools might seem like a money saving idea, but a good quality paintbrush set that is cleaned and stored properly after each use can last years and provide you with the perfect stain, paint or urethane finish on all of your future woodworking projects.


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