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Five Nifty and Unconventional Uses in your Common Kitchen Appliances

Updated on August 15, 2011

Five Surprising and Unconventional Uses for Common Household Appliances

Did you know you can steam fish in your dishwasher? Did you know your microwave is one of the best cleaning aids in your kitchen? The common household appliances we use everyday come to us with their intended use, but crafty and clever consumers can find alternative uses for these common household appliances to increase the value and quirkiness of their home and kitchen!

Did You Say Cooking With Your Dishwasher?

That's right, your dishwasher's heat and steam is ideal for steaming up your favorite fish dish. Wrap your raw fish liberally in foil, then place the fish on the top rack of your dish washer. You can poach your favorite fish in any common dishwasher. Salmon is particularly known for being forgiving in different makes and models of dishwashers. A little olive oil, a little lime juice, set for a hot pots & pans cycle and walk away. By the time your dishwasher has finished its cycle, you'll have a delicious dish of beautiful poached fish!

Experiment with your dishwasher, and see if you can make beautiful steamed veggies, another stalwart of the rinse cycle!

Just remember: don't add any dishsoap to the cycle, unless you want a bit of a strange aftertaste in your meal!

Microwaves Are Bacteria's Worst Nightmare!

The same thing that makes a microwave a perfect tool for reheating leftovers is also why it's perfect for disinfecting your household sponges and rags. Unlike antibacterial soaps, there is no concern that a microwave will create a deadly superbug. Instead of reaching for antibacterial soap, throw your damp kitchen sponge or dish rag in the microwave for thirty seconds on high, and listen for the tiny sound of screaming as all those little germs and microbes die horrible, roasting deaths.

Are your tennis shoes dirty? Wash them like clothes!

When your children have discovered the joys of mud, they often don't remember to take off their shoes and socks first. When your child comes home with mud-covered shoes, most moms will hose those shoes out on the patio, and leave them outside to dry. It never gets the shoes particularly clean, but at least it gets the worst of the mud off them. Want a better solution? Place the individual shoes inside a large, white tube sock. Make sure the shoe is completely covered. Throw that muddy shoe into the washing machine on a cold/cold cycle. The sock will give those shoes a deep scrub that has them coming out shining like new!

Feeling Hungry? Have Soup? And a Coffee Pot?

One of my favorite time-savers is using the common household coffee pot to cook ramen noodle soup! It's hard to find an easier way of preparing this staple food of the busy, frugal household. Just remember that those noodles are going to expand, and you need to make sure never to fill up the water tank over halfway. If you overfill the coffee pot, you could discover a boiling overflow of hot soup stock!

Coffee Pots are also great ways to heat up your favorite cans of soup! If you want to make the perfect, warm cup of tomato soup, your coffee pot not only heats up the soup, it has a convenient handle and pouring spout to easily distribute your favorite soup among cups and bowls!

Be sure not to overfill your coffee pot, and to make sure you thoroughly clean your pot before and after use. Nothing ruins coffee in the morning like the distinct after-taste of day-old tomato soup!

Pancake and Waffle Batter in a Blender!

Most pancake and waffle recipes suggest large mixing bowls and wooden spoons. But, one of the fastest and easiest ways to prepare your batter is with your blender. Like the coffee pot soup, nothing makes your morning breakfast easier to prepare than a convenient handle and pouring spout. Throw your wet ingredients into the blender on a low setting, and introduce the dry ingredients a little at a time. By the time all the pancake mix is tossed into the blender, you're ready to pour your batter out with the ease and convenience of a dedicated pouring device!

No more dripping! No more mess!


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    • RTalloni profile image


      7 years ago from the short journey

      Interesting tips to get us thinking outside the box! :)


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