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Five Reasons why Foreigners and Kenyans Abroad Should Invest in Kisumu Real Estate

Updated on July 6, 2014

Kisumu Real Estate Market


Kisumu Real Estate

When the new Kenyan Government came into the office back in 2013 and Kisumu County found itself in opposition zone, many people became jittery with Kisumu real estates. The reason many cited are obvious reasons; like not many activities will drive business to the county, opposition zones attract less government support and so on. While these could have been valid in the past, with the county government, the environment has really changed. It’s no longer the central government doing everything.

The change of Kenya constitution broad with it the new system of governance where there are 47 counties operating as governments besides the central government. This system has favored Kisumu real estate market and Kisumu County as a whole. A lot of things are taking place in Kisumu County and real estate market once again is booming in Kisumu County.

There are five reasons why you should consider Kisumu Real Estate Market

  1. 1. Large Parcels of land Available for projects

As a person whether living in Kenya or in the Diaspora, Kisumu real estate is one you want to consider. According to research, many people are coming to Kenya to invest in agricultural areas like sugar farming, rice plantation and even maize farming. It’s amazing that it’s only Kisumu County that you can get several large parcels of land available for sales at very friendly rates like $20, 000 per acres or parcels available for lease for something like $1, 000 per acre per a period of six years. The small parcels are normally 50 acres with large parcels up to 2,000 acres of agricultural lands in the hand of just one farmer.

So if you want to engage in large scale farming in parcels of more than 100 acres of parcels, then you can consider Kisumu real estate market. If you just want to do investment in small parcels like developing houses for sale or developing Kisumu rental houses, you will also get several lands in all estates of kisumu.

Kisumu County

A markerkisumu, kenya -
Kisumu, Kenya
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A county based on the lake victoria area on western region of Kenya

  1. Kisumu County Government Roads Incentive

The Kisumu County government existence has seen many roads in the city being repaired and also constructions of many connector roads launched. This is great news because as a real estate investor, the county government has removed any worry of having to make a road to your investment. There are roads being constructed everywhere in the County and everyone is exited at the prospect of having roads everywhere because mobility will be hugely enhanced.

The existing Wave for Kisumu Real Estates Investment

The third thing which you should also know is that many real estate players have realized the opportunity in Kisumu real estate market and are doing many developments. The existence of Kisumu International Airport has seen raise in hotel investments as well as other accommodation facilities and so you can also move in and put up an investment when there is still enough space.

Existing Opportunities for Kisumu Real Estates Investment

There are several free spaces in kisumu estates to develop real estate projects. Whether you go to Mamboleo estate, Milimani, Nyamasaria or Lolwe, you will find some parcels available for investment. There are great opportunities according to each estate you target.

  1. Available Cheap Raw Materials and Labour Force

There are cheap construction materials available everywhere in Kisumu real estate market. While in other county, you don’t find materials like sand or water, in Kisumu County, you will find sand and water in plenty as well as workmanship. There are youths ready to be deployed to construction sites and you won’t face workers strikes.

A lot of good things for you to get in Kisumu county if you are looking for chance to invest in kisumu real estate. Contact a professional real estate firm for opportunity to secure a good parcel of land for your project.


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