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Five Useful Tips For Cleaning The Living Room

Updated on June 23, 2013

There are dozens of old wives tales and not so useful bits of advice flying around when it comes to cleaning the home. “Sofas get dirtier after their first clean”, “carpets shrink when you wash them” and “hairspray gets out stains” to name but a few. Here, however, are five useful tips for making that weekend clean a little less arduous.

1. Vacuum Regularly

Regularly vacuuming not only improves the appearance of your carpets and upholstery, it can also prolong their lives. The dust and dirt removed by vacuuming would otherwise become ingrained into the carpet or upholstery fibres making them look dirty and dingy.

Areas of carpet subject to heavy traffic should be vacuumed at least twice a week whilst furniture and harder to reach areas of floor should be targeted slightly less often.

2. Wash The Covers

Much in the same way as you wash your bed sheets, upholstery covers should be regularly removed and cleaned. Cleaning upholstery improves the sight and smell of your living room, as well as improving its hygiene.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions before putting covers in the washing machine as some fabrics are dry clean only.

3. Target Stains Quickly

Stains become increasingly stubborn the longer they are left and so early cleaning is crucial. Use a cleaning product for tougher stains, or try a vinegar and water solution. It’s always advisable to test detergents or stain removers on an inconspicuous area before cleaning upholstery and carpets as not all fabrics and dyes are colourfast.

4. Work From Top To Bottom

Dust can gather in all manner of places, so work from the ceiling down when cleaning the living room to ensure you catch it all. The light fittings should be the first to be cleaned and cobwebs in the corners of rooms knocked down. Then, dust picture frames and wipe down surfaces before vacuuming upholstery and finally the floor.

5. Open Some Windows

Open up your windows as often as possible to allow fresh air to circulate through your home. Fresh air not only helps your living room smell great, it helps dry out any damp that you may or may not have seen.

So there you have it, five simple but useful tips for cleaning the living room. Don’t be afraid of being ruthless and throw out old magazines, newspapers and such like as soon as you’re done with them. Items can quickly build up and clutter your living room, gathering dust.

Which Cleaning Products To Use?

Choosing A Carpet Cleaner Product

The difference fresh, clean carpets can have on the appearance, smell and hygiene of a home is often underestimated. Regular vacuuming and cleaning is essential to keep your carpets in top shape and ensure your home looks and smells fantastic.

Part of the cleaning process often involves applying carpet cleaner or stain remover products to attack those stubborn stains and dirty patches. Here are five questions you should be asking when purchasing a carpet cleaner or stain remover product.

1. Is the product suitable for my cleaning needs?

There is plethora of commercially available products dedicated to cleaning carpets and hence choosing the right one can be a confusing task. Often, cleaning products are dedicated to certain stains or carpet type so always read the small print to ensure what you’re buying is right for you.

In addition, it is important to choose a cleaner fit for purpose. If you are using the cleaner for general cleaning, invest in a suitable product. Likewise, if you need to get out a stubborn red wine stain, pick a stain remover accordingly.

2. Will I/my children/my pets be able to tolerate the cleaner?

Many old fashioned cleaners use harsh chemicals and acidic or alkaline solutions to target tough stains. Whilst they may deliver great results, they can also cause reactions in pets, children and even adults.

If you or your children have sensitive skin, or if you have pets, choose a hypoallergenic cleaner that won’t cause rashes or other reactions.

3. How environmentally friendly is my carpet cleaner?

The harsh chemicals used in old fashioned carpet cleaners not only adversely affect your skin, they can also be detrimental to the environment. Thankfully, a number of gentler cleaners are available that minimise the impact cleaning carpets has on our planet.

4. How much is the product going to cost?

Often, people simply opt for the cheapest product when selecting a carpet cleaner and as a result, sacrifice cleaning quality or the sake of a few pence. In the same breath, the leading brands aren’t necessarily the best at delivering results and hence, a price-quality relationship should not be assumed.

Instead, look for customer testimonials and do not be afraid to try new products. There are several cheaper products out there that can achieve fantastic cleaning results.

5. How much will I need to use?

Finally, you need to ask yourself exactly how much cleaning product you’re going to require. Often, buying in bulk can save you money although there’s little point in buying litres if you only need to tackle one small stain!

At the end of the day, a lot of the above boils down to common sense. With a little thought and some consideration you’ll find the best value carpet cleaner for your needs.


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    • sminut13 profile image

      sminut13 4 years ago from singapore

      Indeed, really helpful tips, short and simple. I'm going to need to improve my cleaning habits. Thanks for sharing this informative hub.

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      Informative hub that has a lot of good tips for cleaning living rooms. This is especially useful and helpful to those that are wondering how to best clean their living room.