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Fix Their Wagon With Electric Security Gates

Updated on December 14, 2010

Living in extended suburban areas is more of a hot bed for criminal activity than most people would think, and the need for electric security gates is always a good option to slow down would be a criminal from entering your property. This alone will not keep them from causing damage or stealing your belongings, but it will give them pause before entering, as anything that can presume to slow their thievery is also considered before entering a residence. Complete home security and personal vigilance will stop about eighty percent of them dead in their tracks.

Electric Security Gates Photo

Electric Security Gates
Electric Security Gates

Security Gates

Take for example if you set up a succession of two pairs of security gates on a long driveway path, mentally it will give a crook the thought that they could be trapped in between to two gates, and give you more time to call police, or come out of your home and drive them off with your personal protection. Criminals are not always the brightest bulbs in the package, but they have a higher sensitivity for survival than the average person. That feeling of being trapped will not bode well in their thinking, so they will hopefully pass you up for another target.

Wireless Driveway Alarm

Another visual queue that may thwart an illegal breach on your property is by using razor wire on top of the driveway security gates. Not that this would keep a burglar or home invader from driving through the gates, but simply put, they have seen this wire many times usually. They will recall seeing the razor sharp product when in prison, as the perimeter fences are usually adorned in this type fencing material. Giving them a negative feedback type of memory could cause some shivers to run down their spine, and back away from your driveway.

Installing a sophisticated wireless driveway alarm system in conjunction with your home security gates will be an even better system of keeping unwanted guests from entering your land. A driveway alarm will not only let you know that someone is near the house, but the more sophisticated systems will allow you connect items such a sirens, and emergency flood lights. This will tell the thug or thugs that you are aware of their presence, and it is time to leave.

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