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Flameless Tea Lights -Safely Have Candles In Your Home

Updated on November 10, 2010

Flameless Tea Lights

Flameless tea lights are the perfect kind of candle that any household can have around. Because they are not actually on fire they are safe around your children and your pets.

However technology allows us to have such a close simulation to a candle with the color and flicker of the light that you will not even notice that your flameless tea lights are not genuine.

Keep reading to learn more about flameless tea light candles and how they can be a great substitute candle for you or for a friend.

Why Flamless Tea Lights?

Candles are one of the pleasures in life that make everyday life wonderful. However the problem with a lot of candles is that they are, on fire.

When you have pets or kids, being careful of the flame yourself is no longer enough. However there is now a way you can enjoy life like candles without the chances of getting burned, or there being a problem if the candle gets knocked over. You should look into flameless tea lights.

Are Flameless Tea Lights Anything Like Real Tea Lights?

Flameless tea lights will allow you to have the same, warm, Amber colored, flickering beauty that a candle can give us. However not only is a flameless tea lights safe, it is also wind proof, and can be used again and again.

An average flameless tea light candle can hold a charge that will allow the flameless tea light to be on for several hours, some flameless tea lights over 8 hours. You will also be interested to know that flameless tea lights can be recharge, most brands. Most flameless tea lights will be able to be recharged an average of 500 times!

How Much Do Flameless Tea Lights Cost?

Whether you want flameless tea lights for yourself, or for a friend, or just to keep your home, pets and kids safe, flameless tea lights can be an excellent choice for anyone. Great for you or for a gift for a friend.

Most good flameless tea lights will cost anywhere from $10-$30, but remember how many uses you will get from them, and also the fact that these flameless tea lights are safer then the couple hundred you can pick up at the store for a few dollars.


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