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Flameless Wax Candles: The Flame is fake, but they are carved super sleek!

Updated on July 23, 2012

Flameless Wax Candles

At times, one might marvel at what perfect product ideas have taken so long to become available to the everyday consumer. Things like rear window wipers on vehicles, flat screen televisions, and yes, flameless wax candles are all items that common sense would have told us would be in use long ago, but haven’t been widely available to consumers until recently. And considering the technology needed, flameless wax candles would seem the easiest of these to produce. Thankfully, these candles are now becoming widely available and the benefits to using such lighting sources are being recognized.

Flameless wax candles are comparable to real candles both in look and in price, which makes them perfect as gifts. Their lack of flame decreases the risk of fire and waxy messes, and since they run off of batteries they make for fantastic lighting sources outdoors, or in a variety of spaces where regular flame candles might not be safe or feasible. Flameless wax candles can be perfect for an office or work area that does not allow candles, but where a touch of added atmosphere can be relaxing. But what are some of the other benefits of flameless wax candles, and what makes them better than regular candles?

Flameless Wax Candles


Miss the mess!

How many times have you lit candles around your home only to come back later and find wax has melted and spilled all over your carpet, furniture, or other areas? An unattended regular wax candle can quickly release a wax flow, akin to a tiny volcano’s lava flow, which can travel quickly across areas covering antique tabletops, lace doilies, oriental carpets, and doing all kinds of costly damage to objects or areas of your home. With flameless wax candles, you don’t have to worry about such damage since there is no flame, and therefore no melting wax. This feature also means that flameless wax candles won’t be melting themselves into or onto candleholders, thereby creating the time-consuming cleanup or difficult, and often dangerous, prying of wax from fragile glass holders. Another great aspect of flameless wax candles is that there is no smoke. Why is this important? Well, without smoke, there won’t be those wispy black trails on ceilings or tops of furniture, walls, mantels, etc. that are unsightly and a pain to clean. With flameless wax candles, you miss the mess often associated with regular candles. No more peeling of scalding wax from your fingers and hands, no more prying wax from your candle holders, and best of all, no more scraping dried wax from your home’s furnishings.

Selection of flameless wax candles


Flameless Wax Candles

Increased safety

Another great feature of the flameless wax candle is the added safety it provides over burning regular candles. Since flameless wax candles run on batteries, the chance of burns, fires, and similar accidents is reduced. Pet owners often find that flameless wax candles provide an added sense of security and peace of mind when it comes to using candles in the home. Those who have pets, especially cats, who are notorious for getting into hard to reach areas where candles might be burning and accidentally knocking them over or burning themselves, no longer have to worry about such occurrences when using flameless wax candles.

Flameless wax candles are also great for areas with children. Kids are more likely to bump into or want to play with regular wax candles, which can increase the chance of injury to themselves or the risk of starting a fire. The absent minded candle lover might also find flameless wax candles appealing, as they will no longer have to worry about accidentally leaving candles unattended or burning when they leave their home. Nor will there any longer be the chance for a gust of wind to blow a spark onto window curtains, sheers, or other flammable materials, thus starting a fire.

Flameless Wax candles

Touch of color!
Touch of color!

Types of flameless wax candles available

When it comes to types of flameless wax candles, they are available in just about any style, shape, and size as regular wax candles. There are holiday candles, votives, taper candles, pillar candles, tealights, and even those with realistically pre-melted edges. One of the best aspects of flameless wax candles is that they have features never dreamed of when it comes to the typical wax candle.

Here are a few more of the available options and kinds of flameless wax candles that can be perfect for candle lovers:

• Submersible – This type of flameless wax candle is perfect for those who love to entertain with water features. These tiny tealight-sized candles can be floated in fishponds, bowls of water, fountains, etc. and make for great decoration and added atmosphere for your parties or events. These candles are also great for setting the mood when drawing a bath to celebrate a romantic evening at home.

• Color changing – Flameless wax candles that have color changing bases can also make for interesting and eye-catching conversation pieces at your social events.

• Candles with timers – These flameless wax candles are perfect for the forgetful candle lover or those who are more safety oriented. Flameless wax candles with timers may be set to come on each night for a pre-set amount of time and can shut themselves off. This feature is nice for those who want to return from work to a cozy atmosphere or those who are planning a romantic evening but can’t get back in time to light all the candles.

• Remote controlled candles – Yes, while it might be hard to believe, they even make remote controlled flameless wax candles. While it might sound silly at first, this type of candle can be very convenient. They are great for setting a cozy atmosphere when you are snuggled up on the couch or in bed and don’t want to get up. They are also perfect for hard to reach places where you might have to stand on a step stool or chair or bend awkwardly to light a regular candle or turn on other flameless wax candles.

Flameless wax candles are the perfect way to decorate your home in a safe, clean, yet inviting way. With prices comparable to regular wax candles and exceeding their performance in almost every way, why not try a flameless wax candle for yourself?


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Not to mention decorative candles no longer have to be ruined buy melting. Holland House Candles hand carves all of the candles they sell and will even make custom ones for weddings. Now with this technology you can enjoy your hand carved candle forever. If those die hard fans of wax build up and naked flames still are not satisfied with flame-less im sure you will still be able to buy the candles we all grew up with for a long time, because sometimes you just cant beat reliability.

    • jagged81 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from New Mexico

      Thanks, they are awesome!

    • profile image

      flameless candles 

      9 years ago

      you nail it with "Flameless wax candles are comparable to real candles both in look and in price."

      yep this last longer make the same effect and are the same price.


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