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Fleece Blankets - Warm Cosy Fleece Throw Blankets At Cheap Discount Prices

Updated on June 11, 2012


If you are looking for good quality warm fleece blankets, then look no further. Here we will review some of the best fleece blankets available online, have a look at the prices of fleece blankets and also where exactly you can buy them from online with a good cheap discount. If you want to know all there is to know about fleece blankets, then this page is just what you are looking for.

The idea behind a fleece blanket is that you can snuggle up warm on a cold winters night. These are so versatile, you can take them down to the beach, snuggle up in front of the fire or just throw them on top of your existing bedding sheets to give you an extra layer of warmth. So now let’s review some of the best fleece blankets online available at cheap discount prices.

All Seasons Fleece Blanket

All Seasons Plush Micro Fleece Blanket

First up a great all rounder. The All Seasons Plush Micro Fleece Blanket is simply wonderful. This blanket currently has a good discount on Amazon so it’s a great time to purchase one of these. This is a full queen sized blanket which makes it 90 inches by 90 inches, so plenty to snuggle up under. The All Seasons blanket is made from 100% coral fleece which means it super warm and cosy. It has a neat knitted hem which keeps it looking tidy. You can machine wash this on a low temperature and it will not pill and it will keep it’s lovely soft feel wash after wash.

The All Seasons plush micro fleece blanket is available in four different colors, you can choose from ivory, sage, chocolate or crimson. All the colors are very bright and they don’t fade with washing. When it comes to quality and value you won’t got far wrong with this one, it’s warm, durable and looks great. If you buy this blanket it will keep you warm and snugly on many a cold winter’s night. The All Seasons fleece blanket really is a top quality product that you will be enjoying for many years to come.

Martex Fleece Blanket

Martex Super Soft Fleece Blanket

When it comes to discount bargains then this is a top blanket. The Martex Super Soft Fleece Blanket comes with an outstanding reputation as one of the warmest fleece blankets on the market. With a very reasonable price tag you really are picking up a good value item if you choose to buy this one. The Martex blanket comes in three different sizes, you can go for king, queen or twin size. There is also a nice selection of colors to choose from which are blue, linen, ivory or basil. Made from 100% polyester this fleece blanket is machine washable and dryable and will not suffer from pilling even after repeated washing.

Another good feature of the Martex blanket is that it is very light weight, so it’s ideal for carrying around if you are going out walking somewhere, just pop this round your shoulders or into a bag and you will have something nice and warm to sit on or in. These blankets really are very good quality and also very durable, this is a blanket that will last a long time and always maintain it’s warm cosy feel. If you buy one of these it is sure to put a smile on your face.

Columbia Coral Fleece Throw

Buy The Columbia Coral Fleece Throw

Columbia Coral Fleece Throw

Something a little different this time. The Columbia Coral Fleece Throw is officially a throw over, ideal for sofas, car seats etc…. However it can also be used as a fleece blanket. This is a little smaller than the other blankets we have looked at, it measures 70 inches by 50 inches. Despite being a little smaller it is still excellent for curling up in. If you do intend using this as a simple throw over though it is great, it can make an old worn chair look brand new. The Columbia Coral Fleece Throw is lovely and warm and really is a cosy comfortable throw to sit on.

Made from 100% polyester this product is machine washable at a low temperature, it keeps it’s warm cosy feel for repeated washes and is a very durable throw. Many people buy a few of these at a time to cover various chairs, they come in either fossil or willows colors. Another popular use for these is for people with dogs. Just throw one in your car to protect the seats, then towel your dog down after you have been for a walk. Your dog will love the warm cosy feel of these throws. This is such a good product at a very good low price.

Supreme Fleece Blankets

Buy The Supreme Fleece Blanket

Supreme Fleece Blanket

If you don’t mind paying a little extra then the Supreme Fleece Blanket is for you. This is the warmest, most cosy blanket of the lot. When it comes to a quality fleece blanket this one really is as good as it gets. The Supreme Fleece Blankets come in sizes king, queen or twin. There are a wide range of colors to choose from such as white, moss, denim, brick, sand, chocolate, smoke blue, terracotta or butter. Made from 100% polyester these blankets are fully machine washable and both sides have been treated specially to prevent any pilling. Due to the high quality of the Supreme blanket you are sure to find that they maintain their lovely warm feel for wash after wash.

If you simply want a good quality fleece blanket that is going to keep you warm, last a long time and also look good, then I highly recommend the Supreme Fleece Blanket. Currently on Amazon they are reduced so you can get these for a good discount price. You will not regret buying one of these blankets, it will keep you warm and cosy for many years into the future. With this one you really are paying for a high quality item that will last.

Try A Snuggie

If you want something that little bit different then maybe a Snuggie is for you. A snuggie is made from fleece blanket material but is not made in the custom way. This one is designed for people to actually wear. These are prefect if you are looking for something to snuggle up under on those cold nights. With Snuggies you find that one size fits all, it is very loose fitting and very cosy. Not really something you would wear if you were popping down to the shops but if you are off on a camping trip it would be ideal for wearing while sitting round the fire or looking up at the stars.

A Snuggie is completely machine washable and they are made in a way so they should not bobble when you do wash them. These are fairly light weight blankets and they are really warm. You can pick these up for around $15 do as you can see they do represent really good value all round. Although this is a little bit different from a standard blanket it is still something that many people make use of when wanting to keep warm.

There are lots of other fleece blankets available to buy online, but here we have looked at five of the best. There is simply nothing better than snuggling up warm and cosy in front of a fire, if you have a nice warm blanket to do it in it makes the experience all the more enjoyable.


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