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Floor Mirror: Reflecting Beauty From The Ground Up!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Adding A Floor Mirror Is A Great Decorating Tip

The décor of a home is important to many people, however choosing design elements can be a very difficult task. Decorative items are not always cheap so people have come up with some creative tricks to add style to their rooms. One very useful item that can be used to add flair to your interior decorating is a floor mirror. A floor mirror is not hung like other mirrors, but rests on the floor and leans against a wall. Since a floor mirror can be quite large and heavy, it usually comes with a stand or support of some kind that is made of metal or wood. The support is required for safety reasons.

Place Your Floor Mirror Strategically

One use for a floor mirror is strategic placement to make a small room look larger than it really is. If you have a short hall passage that you want to appear longer, place your floor mirror at one end to accomplish this.

Floor mirrors are great for the kids room
Floor mirrors are great for the kids room

Place Your Floor Mirror Strategically

Or if your hallway is narrow, place a floor mirror on either side to create the illusion of a wider space. You can even put a floor mirror in your bedroom or closet for checking the appearance of your clothing.

For poorly lit rooms or enhancing a wall color, place a floor mirror near a window or other light source. The glass will reflect the light into the room, brightening it up immensely.

An elegant example of a classic floor mirror
An elegant example of a classic floor mirror
Floor mirrors can fit any décor
Floor mirrors can fit any décor

A Floor Mirror Is Beautiful, Functional & Elegant

Floor mirrors are wonderful and they are a perfect complement to your home's other mirrors, such as a pretty bathroom mirror, a stunning wall mirror, an alluring full length mirror, an appealing full-length mirror, glorious vanity mirrors, a charming large mirror, prodigious large mirrors, a delightful round mirror, a glamorous antique mirror, an elegant make up mirror, or an exquisite compact mirror.

The selection of large floor mirrors can be overwhelming. You can choose from a leaning floor mirror, wood floor mirror, floor standing mirror, full length floor mirror, decorative floor mirror, floor length mirrors, cheval floor mirror, modern floor mirror, or any of the many other kinds of floor length mirror. Choose carefully as the properly selected mirror can add value and elegance to your home or office!

A Floor Mirror Transforms Your Interior Decor

 A floor mirror can transform your home's décor in an instant. One thing to avoid though is having your mirror reflect a cluttered area in your home. This gives the appearance of a room being messier than it actually is.

The next time you're decorating your home, consider a floor mirror as an inexpensive, elegant design element!

How Much Fun Can A Kid Have With A Floor Mirror?

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      5 years ago

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