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Floor Mops

Updated on December 13, 2014

Using a Mop to Clean your Floor

How convenient is it to have a brand new floor mop to clean your kitchen or hardwood floors? These mops make cleaning your floors a breeze. They are hands free when it comes to having to wring out the dirt with your hand like mops of the past. All you have to do is spray and whisk away all the filth from your floor. Once you are done, you can change out the wipe and throw it in the trash, now you are done.

Cleaning your house in this way is very healthy. The spray mop will pick up all the unseen pieces of dirt, hair, and dust off of your floor. You will not only see the dirt that was lifted away, but you will feel the clean. Your floors will feel much cleaner and you can feel rest assured that you just made your home safer for any pets or any small children who crawl around.

Look for floor mops that have a spray solution and wipes, because the spray kills the germs and the wipes whisks them away. Look for floor mops that have a simple way to store or handles that hang. Some of them come with a scrub brushes that are meant to clean up a sticky spots on the floor.

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit

Finding the perfect floor mop for your home is easy, and there are many floor mops to choose from. But we can start with the Reveal by Rubbermaid. This mop has a swivel handle which makes cleaning under bed and furniture very easy although you might have to turn the floor mop to its side in order to get it in those tight spaces. Customers gave this mop 4 stars with over six hundred reviews.

Sh-Mop Hardsurface Floor Mop

The Sh-Mop for hard surfaces is a great floor mop according to its customers who gave it a 4.5 star rating. They say that this floor mop is the best that they have used, ever. They say that using this floor mop with a hardwood floor cleaning solution makes cleaning easy and effective. Although one person noted that it is best to buy many cotton floor pads because you will need them to do a thorough cleaning of a large space. Don't worry, you can throw them in the wash and reuse them as much as you like.

Scotch-Brite Microfibre Hardwood Floor Mop

The Scotch-Brite for hardwood floor mop with microfiber also rated 4.5 stars among its reviewers. This floor mop has a 'nubby' floor mop head that the customers rave about. They say that this floor mop head makes it easy to get up spots and it doesn't just glide over the floor but rather grips the floor even picking up sand when it is used.

Libman Wonder Mop

The Libman mop has a 4.0 star rating. They say that this floor mop is easy to wring out because it is a self wringing mop designed to keep the user's hands clean. They say that this mop has no problem gliding across the floor and it does wonders in the corners or small crevices. It is said that this mop allows you to scrub without straining your back, this mop does all the work for you!

The Vileda Mop Bucket has a coveted 4.5 star rating. This floor mop has a swivel head that allows you to quickly whiz around the floor while going around corners and dipping under the counters or furniture. Most of the reviewers seem to love the chenille pads scrubbing pads. It's really good as a wet or dry floor mop. Most say that you are able to reach really high places in your home and clean them well with this floor mop.

Easy Wring Spin Mob & Bucket System

The Spin Mop Bucket System by O'Cedar has a 4.5 star rating from its customers and is great as a commercial floor mop system. There is no hand wringing when it comes to this floor mop. This floor mop is designed to wring out in the bucket that has a foot pedal to activate the wringing system. This should prove to be a help on your back and keep your hands clean. This floor mop will get your floors clean and the mop head dries fairly quickly not leaving any streaks of water behind.

Selecting the Best Floor Mop

Overall, all of these floor mops have a 4 star rating or higher. All of them are designed to keep your hands clean and they are easy on your back. All of them are designed to help you achieve the quality cleaning results you desire. And, they all are great for picking up those tiny microscopic hairs and bacteria that we all want our floors free from.

Most of these floor mops have a swivel head or at the very least they have mop strings that will grab the dirt. Most of them have the reusable mop heads that you can toss in the wash until your next cleaning day. Easy to use, hard on the dirt, and eager to scrub up hard to remove stains describes all of these highly rated floor mops.


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