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Floor Scrubbers

Updated on December 13, 2014

Keeping your Floors Clean

Cleaning your floors should not be a hard task, that’s way many people today own their own personal floor scrubbers to make the task easier. A floor scrubber should work efficiently, have ease of use and come with the features you need for the task at hand.

The Floor scrubber work by spraying the cleaning solution onto the floor, water is then applied as brushes work to scrub the carpet, the floor scrubber then applies a vacuum like pressure to pull the dirty water, dirt and grime out of the carpet and into a reservoir that you empty. The process of running a floor scrubber is easy and cuts the manual work of scrubbing the floor considerably.

Bissell Big Green Clean Machine

Do you have a lot of carpeted floors in your house? Well, the Bissell Big Green Clean Machine carries a large capacity clean and dirty tanks, the tanks are removable and offer you more time cleaning then emptying tanks. Not only are the tanks bigger, but have the added features of the rotating dirt lifter power brushes that carry more dirt removing power. The flow indicators alert you to when solution and water levels are low, so there is no guess work when you will run out. One of the best features of this machine is that it cleans deeper and dries faster than some of the rental carpet cleaners on the market.

The Bissell Big Green Clean Machine also has an adjustable tank handle so it can be adjusted to the height of the user, making this suitable for tall and short people. The 6 foot attachment hose makes cleaning furniture or stairs a breeze with the included attachments.

Over 250 people give the Bissell Big Green Clean Machine a 5 star rating

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge

A great priced machine, that packs a punch with a 12 amp motor. The Hoover SteamVac offers five rotating scrubbing brushes that can be used on carpets, bare floors and upholstery. One of the top features is the Clean Surge giving an added burst of cleaning solution so you can tackle tough spots or stains. Now if you have friends on the way and you need to hurry and clean those high traffic areas, one thing you will love is the heated drying feature, this not only reduces your dry time but also keeps your floors fresh!

Hoover SteamVac floor scrubber also offers an 8 foot cord to use with powdered hand tools! Over 2000 people have given this amazing machine a 5 star rating

Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner

Maybe your training a new pet and we all know new pets sometimes have accidents while adjusting to a new home or while they are being trained. This Bissell ProHeat floor scrubber offers tough stain and pet stain settings to knock out those stains with the dual 12 row dirt lifting power brushes. Equipped with a 12 amp motor this floor scrubber is sure to get the job done. One of the best features is the built in heater, keeping the water heated aids in removing all kinds of stains. There are various tools that come with your floor scrubber to handle jobs like stairs and upholstery.

iRobot 330 Scooba Floor Washing Robot

Yes, the name says it all and the machine does all the work itself. Maybe you don’t have time to scrub your floors yourself, or maybe you are unable to push around a floor scrubber. This little machine can wash up to 250 square feet of floor space on a single charge. One of the best features of this little machine is that you don’t have to use cleaning solution; you can simply use vinegar and water to get your floors sparkling clean. One downfall is the Scooba floor scrubber does not get into the corners.

The iRobot 330 Scooba preps the surface, washes and scrubs and then even dries the floor for you. So put away the mop and bucket and jump on the new technology band wagon with this do it for you floor scrubber.

Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner

Are you looking for a floor scrubber that can go from carpet to hard surface floors? The Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain is one floor scrubber you won’t want to miss. These amazing machines offers heated cleaning, auto rinse, automatic cleaning solution mixing, and spin style scrub brushes. The 8 foot hose and removable tool caddy makes cleaning other areas a cinch.

The hard floor package comes with all you would need for hard surfaces including spin scrub brushes, hard surface squeegee and large soft wheels to protect your floor from scratches.

Bissell Quicksteamer Light Weight Deep Cleaner

Maybe you’re looking for a lighter weight machine that still offers deep cleaning power. The Bissell Quicksteamer light weight offers you just that, it’s a small 4 amp and only weighs 12 pounds. The downfall to lighter weight machines is the tank’s size is smaller only which will require frequent refilling and emptying to clean larger areas. This light weight floor scrubber is perfect for the new pet owner training a new pet, quick and easy to clean up those little accidents.

Choosing a Machine

Regardless of your floor scrubbing needs there is a quality machine out there. From pets, carpets to hard surfaces these machines will cut your cleaning time and offer you the ability to get your surfaces cleaned for a fraction of the cost of hiring a company to do the work for you.


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