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Flooring Tips - How to Choose Perfect Flooring Materials

Updated on July 17, 2011
Perfect Flooring Materials
Perfect Flooring Materials

Flooring Materials - Marble

Once, marble was the last word when it was all about flooring. But now, the demand for marble is depreciating considerably. Despite its cheap rates and perfect finishing, people are reluctant to go for marble since it absorbs stains quickly thus disqualifying itself to embellish the floors.

What is Marble

Marble is a natural stone with lots of tiny holes on it. So marble should be spread up on white cement or M sand. Acidic stuffs like lemon and curd will sure leave stain up on marble.Even though marble is available in almost all shades, light colors like white and pink are the ones in demand. Pure white is no more available in market. Semi transparent slabs and white closely resembling pure white are available. Pure white can be imported. Marble is available in plain and texture. Marble is cheap and less tough when compared to granite.

The main advantage of imported marble is that it has better finishing than Indian marble; but stain absorption too will be higher. The most popular imported marbles are blue pearl and green pearl.

Designing, Building and Installing a DIY Marble Floor

Slab or Tile ? Which is best Option ?

It is always advisable to go for slabs. This can significantly lessen the joints. The over all appeal too will be way good. Companies manufacture tiles out of broken slabs. Tile is not as expensive as slab. But since these tiles are cut out of different slabs, color or design may fail to showcase consistency at some part or the other. If you are so insistent about using tiles for flooring, make sure that the texture and grains will either be lesser or will be black. Button work done between tiles too helps to reduce the chances of finding differences between the tiles used for flooring.

What is Stone Polishing:

Granite slabs are spread after finishing where as marble is spread in the first place and then finishing is done. When both granite and marble are used for flooring, finishing becomes a niggling task. This will increase the expenses as well. Usually Rs. 25- 30 is needed for finishing one sq. ft. marble. Marble can be polished from time to time too. These days, granite too can be polished from time to time.

Flooring Materials - Granite

The two main criteria that go into the decision making regarding flooring material are the cost and finishing. These two reasons account for the vitrified tile trend as well. Until the day vitrified tile succeeds to invalidate the villain named stain, granite retains its reign.

Granite is natural. Durability, diversity in color, finishing—all these contribute to the popularity of granite. Granite is available in different designs like plain, grained and textured. It is available as slab and tile too. Granite can fight heat as well.

Granite is available in almost all shades—white, black, grey, yellow, red, green etc. But most people go for red shades for flooring. House wives like red granite because of two major reasons. One is that red wont project out stain and the second is that red glitters like mirror, when cleaned. Nowadays, pink, yellow colors too are increasing in demand.

The material for each room should be opted according to the color, finishing and durability. Materials having more durability and finishing need to be opted for dining room, living room and sit out.

 Imported granite differs very much from Indian granite in color and design. All natural stones have tiny holes on them. So they are more likely to absorb the dirt in cement quite easily. In the long run, this turns into stain and becomes conspicuous on the slab’s surface. To avoid this, the slab must be laid only after spreading white cement. Now these slabs come with epoxy coating on one side. This diminishes the probabilities of stain due to vaporization.

Marble Floor design - floor medallions and floor design


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