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Flour Sack Towel - Retro Kitchen Decor

Updated on July 19, 2011

Coffee Time Flour Sack Towel


Practical & Money Saving

A bit of Background on Flour Sack Towels

Accent your kitchen with a retro item that has both history and practicality - a flour sack towel. The name is a quick give away by it’s origin, is an item from the past made by frugal households who found a second life for used flour sacks. Once emptied of this original contents, the cotton flour sack was cut up into pieces as a kitchen dish towel or even found other uses such as underwear or dresses. So popular and useful was the flour sack towel, that even long after paper replaced cotton as the preferred container for flour, the demand for the simple fabric dish towel remain high.

Clean Up with Flour Sack Towels

The white, lint free cloths was the preferred choice for household cleaning, it worked great on dishes, and held up over the years. Sold as inexpensive kitchen item, they did evolve over time into a more fancy version that were sometimes called tea towels. These decorated flour sack towels come with embodied or screen printed designs, but are still made of “flour sack towel” material that is 100% cotton, lint free, and tightly woven thin fabric. So are flour sacks for decorating or household chores?

Find the Right Towels for Your Kitchen

Adding a little design to the flour sack towel does not get in the way of it’s cleaning purpose. Even with today’s modern electronic devices it does a great job beyond shining and drying dishes. Since sack towels are lint-free they can be ideal for dry-dusting TV and computer screens where they will pickup dust and wipe off smudges. Tip, they work best just slightly damp after drying dishes. Other uses for a flour sack towel: cleaning glassware; straining sauces; making cheese; proofing bread; embroidery; crewel work; other arts and crafts projects.

A simple white flour sack towel are often sold in bulk packages and can range from a $1 to $3 per towel. The towels with designs cost more and when looking for an old-fashioned or retro theme this website has a large selection of retro flour sack towels. So flour sack towel have both the practical side to them and a bit of history. If you are also thinking of ways to be a bit more green, try using them as a replacement for paper towel. Keep a bunch of white plain ones handy and a hot water washing with bleach is all you need to refresh the supply.


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