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Folding Luggage Rack For Bedroom Use - Hotel Suitcase Stand Holders

Updated on February 15, 2012

A folding bedroom suitcase stand is the ideal location for your guests to place their luggage when they come to visit. It provides a convenient place upon which to put a suitcase bag in order to unpack in comfort or, for short term guests, a place to stow the case so it is easily accessible at a nice height for removing and replacing clothing.

Without a luggage rack for bedroom use, your guests may be doomed to dumping their baggage on the floor and scrabbling around on their hands and knees when they need to access its contents. Alternatively, they will have to repeatedly lift a heavy suitcase onto the bed, or some other flat surface, every time they want to get at its contents.

For younger guests that can be inconvenient but for older visitors and people with back or joint issues a heavy travel case can be a real struggle to lift and could even be potentially harmful to their health. Collapsible luggage racks for bedrooms fold open to provide a sturdy lightweight platform designed specifically for holding a suitcase at a convenient height level. Once placed on the luggage stand it doesn't have to be removed until it is time to leave, removing the problem of scrabbling around on the floor for clothes, or constantly having to lift it up onto a bed.

Luggage rack stands are not just useful for your visitors but they are equally useful for you as well. Without one, people will naturally look for an alternative location to put their bags and that can mean dumping them on a dresser and scratching up the surface or sliding them up against a wall, scraping paint and ripping wallpaper in the process. Giving your guests a designated place in your guestroom to lay their cases can protect your bedroom furniture from damage and keep your walls safe from scuffs and scrapes as well. It's a benefit for both sides.

Often these hotel style luggage racks for guest bedroom use at home are placed at the end of the bed as it is generally the most convenient location. Other times they are leaned up against a wall and in those situations you are well advised to find a bedroom suitcase rack holder with a protective lip at the back. These types of bedroom holders for suitcases put a barrier between your wall and the baggage being stored on the stand which protects it from scuff marks and scrapes.

Some of the more popular and well reviewed products are shown below. These are popular amongst their owners, having received good reviews and high ratings for their utility and quality.

Wooden Mallet WallSaver Luggage Rack, Mahogany, Tapestry Straps
Wooden Mallet WallSaver Luggage Rack, Mahogany, Tapestry Straps

Made from solid oak and with a high back to protect your wall from damage this stylish elegant product will give your room the look of a high class hotel suite. It's sturdy build and attractive curved leg design is sure to add a touch of class to any bedroom.


Other Uses For Bedroom Luggage Racks

Owners of these typically use them for much more than just a place for guests to put their baggage. For most of us, we do not have visitors in our houses all the time, so we find other uses for them during those interim months, or weeks.

For some of us, folding luggage racks make a great little portable table. You can add a small sheet of glass, flat piece of wood or a breakfast tray and you have a neat little folding table. These are great for use all over your home and when you are done with them, can be folded up flat and stowed away easily. This is also great for guests who come without luggage as they use this as an additional table in their room as well.

You can also use them when you travel as well. Hotel luggage racks are not always provided in the room when you are on the road. Many of these are small and lightweight enough for you to be able to take them with you should you choose to do so and some will even fit inside the suitcase as well.

Antique and Vintage Luggage Racks

Old style vintage luggage racks and retro suitcase holders can add a touch of something different to a bedroom if you decor can accept it. Antique stores and online auction sites are a good place to start your search for these items and the following is a small selection of what is on offer right now on eBay.


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