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Folding Lawn Chair

Updated on June 22, 2014

Outdoor folding chairs offer a completely portable seating solution on a deck, pool or patio area. Often constructed of a lightweight and all-weather material - with plastic and aluminum coming to mind. Although there is also an option to acquire a canvas seat. A folding lawn chair comes in a multitude of designs and style to complement all yard decors. Factors to keep in mind when shopping for foldable yard furniture includes the suitability, comfort, durability - will it be able to cope with the intended use, and it's overall compactness.

Whether it’s a budget chair in plastic and canvas to a Adirondack chair in natural wood or even a kids folding lawn chair there are a multitude of options open to those in need of some practical seating for the yard.

Accessories for a Foldable Chair

Foldable lawn chairs are seen in a wide spectrum of designs, shapes, and finishes, with aluminum, plastic, and canvas being popular options. Seats can be outfitted with a cushion for that extra comfort or left unpadded and natural. Accessories seen on these seats can include side pockets for holding a magazine to attached tables for a can of drink or those with a matching umbrella or canopy on top. Often it’s possible to acquire a seat with a matching footrest for that extra comfort.

Folding Camp Chair

Seating arrangements offering ease in stowability are a great idea for those camping in a tent or small travel trailer, on a watercraft, or on a fishing adventure. A lightweight canvas folding chair is simple to transport if traveling off the beaten-track to a seclude cove or beach or mountain area, national park or a whole host of other destinations were this type of seating might be a blessing.

Folding Chair Plans

For a competent do-it-yourself enthusiast with a weekend to spare a quick and simple project to take on is to construct a series of outside furnishing sets. A wooden foldable chair is easy to make, great looking, and will be comfortable to sit in. First things first, start with a set of quality folding lawn chair plans - these can be located at various sources across the internet. All reliable set of plans come equipped with full-sized patterns, drawings, illustrations, and a list of all tools and materials required.

A compact and affordable set of heavy-duty fold lawn chair is all that’s needed to outfit a spacious backyard with a practical seating arrangement to entertain guests or just to sit back and relax in peace.


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