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Folding Lawn Chairs - Make Your Garden A Great Hangout Place

Updated on June 6, 2012

A lawn chair is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use.  It is typically made of weather resistant frame and material.  It is commonly used by one person at a time.  A lawn chair has four or three legs and is raised above floor level.

Sometimes called a garden or patio furniture, a lawn chair can be a permanently or a fixed chair, but the most common type is a folding lawn chair.  A folding chair is a light, portable seat that folds flat when not in use.  Because it is lightweight, it can easily be moved from one place to another.  And because it can be folded, it will not occupy the much needed space permanently. After the use of the folding lawn chairs, they can be assembled in a stack or arranged in rows and kept in the storeroom.  The small ones can be kept under the bed or inside unused closets.

A folding lawn chair is normally used in an area where permanent seating is not possible or desirable, as in garden or beside the family pool.  It is used in the home for any occasion entailing extra bench requirement.  It can be used in other outdoor event such as family picnic, games, wedding and other religious services.

This would be a good improvement in a family home, investing in a folding lawn chair, for relaxation and outdoor break.  The soothing view of the garden and the caressing blow of the wind will calm one’s mind and body after a hectic day in the office or a tiring drive home.  Reclining in a folding lawn chair would eliminate the stress and facilitate a weekend peaceful rest.

There are numerous choices for a folding lawn chair, as to its make, design, color and size.  It could either be made of wood, aluminum or plastic.  The wooden folding lawn chair is preferred for its hardwood quality that complements the natural surroundings. The standard golden wood-finish is very pleasing to the eye and to touch.  The aluminum folding lawn chair is made up of durable aluminum alloy that is long-lasting and heavy-duty.  Tough plastic resins make up the plastic type of folding lawn chair and is water resistant and easy to clean.  The folding lawn chair can be padded for additional comfort.  Some have steel frames for added strength and lasting use.

A folding lawn chair can be viewed and bought online or from a furniture store, home improvement outlet or showroom.  There are numerous colors to choose from and the corresponding price of each type depends on the size and design, but definitely is very affordable and easy on the budget.


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