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Folding Office Chairs

Updated on May 28, 2010

Folding Office Chairs

Folding Office Chairs Review

Looking for quality folding office chairs without spending a fortune? You've come to the right place. Here you'll find a lot information and resources to help you find the ideal folding office chairs for your business.

When it comes to buying office chairs (as well as chair pads and cushions) you really do have a huge variety of choices. You have your traditional basic metal folding chairs, which on the plus side will last you a very long time. However on the negative side these chairs have not been built for comfort and are not the best choice for sitting in long meetings or presentations. You'll definitely want to keep in mind precisely what purpose you want your office chairs to fulfill.

If want chairs for meetings and seminars, you'll definitely want to go with a padded folding office chair. The last thing you'll want is a room full of people fidgeting and unfocused because they are uncomfortable.

Then of course you have the top of the range folding chairs that are built for both style and comfort. These are usually somewhat heavier due to their larger size, are made from leather or polyurethane vinyl (a leather look a like) and are rather luxurious. These chairs are perfect for special guests or when company heads or important clients drop in for a visit.

For most intents and purposes, the middle of the range folding office chairs will be ideal for virtually any business or business function. These chairs usually come with 1-2 inches of padding (nice and comfortable) and they also come in a variety of color schemes and textures such as cloth or leather. These modern and nice looking chairs will give your office/business a professional and stylish look and will also last.

Furthermore many of the folding office chairs available are reasonably light and therefore make portability a non-issue. This may well be an important option for you if you're looking to host off-site company events and would like to save on the cost of hiring the usual white (and rather uncomfortable) plastic chairs.

The best place to buy your folding office chairs as well as every type of office chair cushion and round chair cushion available is online over at They have a huge range that you can browse through and also candid reviews from purchase of each specific make. This feedback will help you to decided which style of folding chairs are best going to suit your needs. One thing's for sure is that upgrading your old office chairs for new, modern and comfortable ones is no longer an expensive exercise. Prices have come down considerably in recent years due to the slow economy and also the large amount inventory available.

If you really love your employees and can spare the extra cash, why not consider some massage chair pad products, such as the HoMedics shiatsu massager. You would be loved at the office, I can guarantee that.

So what are you waiting for? Go and give your office a cheap and easy face lift that your employees will appreciate and enjoy. Remember too this is a business expensive that usually comes with tax advantages. Now go and find some great chairs.


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    • massagetherapy profile image

      massagetherapy 8 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

      Do you have any comments you'd like to share? Do you have a favorite office chair? If so, which make and model is it and how has it served you? Thanks for sharing!